Anolon Advanced Bronze Hard-Anodized Nonstick Review

Anolon advanced Bronze Hard-Anodized Nonstick 14-Inch Covered Wok is a well materialized wok. It is spacious enough to cook food very easily. Its rubberized handles provide a good grip. Because of its being non-sticky, it’s very easy cleanable. Its lid has its upper part made of glass which helps to observe the cooking process and it also has wide stainless steel rim which securely seals heat. So, it’s easy to use and helps to cook quickly. One can cook any item in this wok. It’s very well constructed and that’s why it spreads heat all over the area and cook’s food evenly and quickly. The wok is thin and for that reason it absorbs heat quickly. It is very easy to handle. Its lid is dome shaped that’s why a lot of vegetables or any other item can be easily cooked. All in all, it’s a very versatile and excellent vessel to cook in.

Key features of Anolon Advanced Bronze Hard-Anodized Nonstick 14-Inch covered wok

Heavy Duty

Anolon advanced Bronze Hard-Anodized Nonstick 14-Inch covered wok is a perfect cookware which can offer a heavy duty. It is made with high quality materials and it is long durable too. It’s moderate and sufficient size helps to cook food for 3-4 people.

anolon advanced cookware reviews

Quick Cooking

Time is very important in cooking. Sometimes a very short time remains in hand to cook a meal. At this point a cookware is needed that can cook very quickly and this wok can be that cookware at this point. Because of its fine metal. It absorbs heat quickly and can also help to cook in a short span of time. It reduces normal cooking time for sure.

Proper Heat Distribution

It can provide proper heat to all over its surface. It is made of high quality material that can easily and quickly absorb het. At the same time, it spreads the heat all over to its body. But, the heat distribution is proper as the bottom heated pretty much while the edges get heated moderately. It ensures a balanced cooking. Because of its having a wide stainless steel rim, it can securely seat heat. Moreover, its proper heat distribution helps to reduce hot spots that can burn foods.

Anolon Advanced Bronze Hard-Anodized Nonstick

Effortless Clean Up

Anolon Advanced Cookware Review 14-Inch Covered Wok has got a premium quality non-sticky inner part which is long lasting. It’s a metal utensil safe with superior food release. As it’s a very fine non-sticky wok, it’s very easy to clean within a short time. So, basically you can effortlessly clean it up no matter what you cook in it.

Comfortable Grasp

Aanolon Advanced Bronze Review wok has a rubberized suregrip handle. It is designed for a comfortable grasp. It is dual riveted which can provide some extra strength. It’s completely safe up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. One can confidently stir and toss because of this sure grip handle. It also helps a lot in plating. In spite of the wok being very hit, it’s not difficult to catch the handle as the handle is completely rubberized and doesn’t get hot that much. All in all, it provides you a nice and perfect grip of the wok.

anolon advanced cookware reviews

Lifetime Warranty

Anolon Advanced Bronze Review wok is made of high quality material. It provides lifetime warranty and this warranty guarantees the performance of this beautiful wok. Its hard bronze exterior helps to provide perfect utility throughout its lifetime. It’s PFOA free and restaurant tested. Anolon Advanced Cookware Review nonstick metal utensil is safe and an ideal cookware for cooking any dish.


  • Elegant design with right chocolate interior and distinctive bronze exterior.
  • It has a generous size and a unique lid.
  • Offers enough space to toss and stir food items.
  • Provides even heat distribution for perfect cooking.
  • Rubberized handle confirms a sure grip while cooking or serving.
  • Wide stainless steel rim of the lid seals heat and moisture securely.
  • Performance of this beautiful wok is guaranteed by lifetime warranty.


  • High quality material and provides heavy duty.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Glass in the center in the lid allows cooking to be monitored.
  • Even heat distribution and cooks quickly.
  • Suregrip handles provide comfortable grasp.
  • Lifetime warranty and heavy performance.


  • Usually doesn’t work on induction stove tops.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is this wok made from?

A: This is made from hard anodized aluminum.

Q: Can I wash this wok in dishwasher?

A: Yes, it’s gigantic! But you can put it in dishwasher. Before putting that in make enough room.

Q: What’s the weight of this wok?

A: The wok and the lid weigh 1.8 kilo.

Q: Does this wok work well on an electric stove?

A: It will work as long as it is on the right sized burner.

Q: Is the bottom of this wok flat?

A: Yes, it is flat.

Final Verdict

Anolon Advanced Bronze Hard-Anodized Nonstick 14-Inch Covered Wok is a fine quality cookware. This wok helps to cook food very easily and quickly. Any kind of suitable food can be made and this wok can easily be cleaned off. One can easily toss or stir the food and can monitor the cooking process. Cooking and serving is very easy with the rubberized handle. All in all, it’s an excellent addition to your kitchen. Here I have provided as much information as I can about this wok. Here is more Anolon Advanced Bronze review available in Amazon. You can see them and can ask the authority if you have any question. I hope you will surely like this best wok to buy.

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