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A knife is undoubtedly one of the most important tools in the kitchen. A sharp knife helps you cut or slice food ingredients faster and safer. It works better than a dull one because it needs minimal brute force to cut through delicate ingredients like herbs.

As a matter of fact, a sharp knife is a fast knife whereas a dull one is an accident in waiting. Dull knives not only require more force but also increase the chances of slipping and missing the mark, resulting in poorly cut food. Sharpening your knife is the easiest way to instantly improve your cooking, and this is where the Bavarian Edge Kitchen Knife Sharpener comes into the question.

A lot of Bavarian Edge Knife Sharpener reviews advertise this knife sharpener as one of the best in the world. Today, we want to talk about the Bavarian Edge spring-action arms kitchen knife sharpener. Several adverts say the tool flexes and contours to any blade or angle to bring about a perfect razor-sharp edge in an instant.

But, does Bavarian Knife Sharpener work as claimed? Follow me through this honest and detailed Bavarian edge review as we uncover everything you need to know. Ready? Let’s start our Bavarian edge knife sharpener review right away.

Bavarian Edge Review – At a Glance

Product TitleBavarian Edge Kitchen Knife Sharpener
Features• Heavy-Duty Construction
• Spring Action Arms
• Easy to Use
• No Cleaning
Weight1.05 pounds
Dimensions7.7 x 6.9 x 5 inches
Heat Resistance 850 Degree
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Bavarian Edge Kitchen Knife Sharpener: Product Overview

Bavarian Edge Kitchen Knife Sharpener is an innovative knife sharpener that features two independent spring-action tungsten carbide arms that flex and contour to any angle. It sharpens all types of blades, including standard, beveled and serrated knives. This knife sharpener promises to sharpen, hone, and polish your old dull knives in a matter of seconds.

Unlike conventional sharpening tools like electric devices and stones, Bavarian Edge has a professional and portable design that helps you bring any knife back to life. It has dual spring action arms made of ultra-tough, yet flexible tungsten carbide that work on all blade materials. These include carbon steel blades, stainless steel blades, ceramic blades, and much more.

Better yet, this is the only available kitchen knife sharpener that proves useful in sharpening serrated blades. This independent kitchen knife sharpener is durable and long-lasting. You can use it with any blade type, of any size and any brand. Bavarian Edge sharpens all your knives in seconds!

Key Features Of Bavarian Edge Kitchen Knife Sharpener

Heavy-Duty Construction

A good kitchen knife sharpener is able to stand the test of time. The Bavarian Edge Kitchen Knife Sharpener can last a long time as it is made with the highest quality materials. The ultra-tough tungsten carbide is effective, resilient, and sharpens all sorts of blades for years without needing to be replaced.

With the heavy-duty construction, Bavarian Edge sharpens, hones, and polishes all your knives in seconds. It works on all types of knives. You can use it to sharpen Japanese knives, serrated knives, chef knives, cleavers, paring knives, and boning knives among others.

bavarian edge sharpener reviews

Spring Action Arms

The Bavarian Edge Kitchen Knife sharpener features spring-action tungsten carbide arms that flex to match the specific contour of the blade that is being sharpened. For that reason, it will give all your knives the absolute best sharpening treatment by all means. Also, you can use the Bavarian Edge as it is without having to switch any settings depending on the knife.

As you probably know, fixed edge knife sharpeners could end up grinding down and destroying your knives. On the contrary, Bavarian Edge contours to the particular edge of your blade, thus eliminating the need to buy specialty sharpeners.

Bavarian Edge is sure to replace your water sharpening stone, knife sharpening block, Japanese sharpening stone, and other specialty items. The two independent spring-action arms are manufactured out of ultra-tough tungsten carbide, which means they can contour effectively to any blade or angle.

Easy to Use

Using Bavarian Edge is extremely easier than you probably expect. The first step to using it is to make it stand upright. Then, run your knife or blade through the Bavarian Edge. The tool has a slot for sliding your knife down and all the way through the tungsten carbide spring-action arms to be sharpened, honed or polished.

With this ease-of-use, you no longer have to throw away your dull blades in the trash. Bavarian Edge Kitchen Knife sharpener gives all your blades an overhaul and restores them to their former glory. It has a unique design that comes handy in sharpening all types of blades, unlike standard electric sharpeners that only accommodate a few different blade types.

No Cleaning

As long as your knives are clean and dry, Bavarian Edge doesn’t need any form of cleaning. Simply use it to sharpen knives that have been washed, rinsed, and dried.

If you notice any residue on the tool, all you have to do is wipe it away and store dry for the next use. Make sure to wipe it before storage so you can get outstanding results each time you put it to use.

bavarian edge knife sharpener reviews


You can use the Bavarian Edge Kitchen Knife sharpener on blades of any type, size or shape and expect to receive the same great results. Whether it is about sharpening a straight or serrated knife, Bavarian Edge has a professional design covering all manner of blades. So, rest assured the results will be excellent regardless of your blade type.

It even works great on single-beveled Japanese blades, which are often touted as difficult to sharpen. It sharpens all Japanese blades in seconds. Simply pass your Japanese knife through the spring-action tungsten carbide arms at an angle of 35 degrees. You will get amazing results.

What We Liked:

  • Made of ultra-tough and durable tungsten carbide
  • Works on all types of blades – standard, beveled, serrated
  • Flexes and contours to your blade’s shape  
  • Sharpens blades and knives in a matter of seconds
  • Two independent spring-action arms contour to blade’s edge
  • Hones both dull and damaged blades
  • Extremely simple to use
  • Lifetime money back guarantee

What We Didn’t Like:

  • No storage case
  • Sharpening arms exposed
  • Safety concerns—lacks a protective cover thus unsafe for children
  • More expensive than competitors

How to use Bavarian Edge

Trying to chop veggies for your dinner using a dull knife can be frustrating. For that reason, every cook out there should learn how to use a knife sharpener, particularly the Bavarian Edge Kitchen Knife Sharpener. You see: as much as we warn our kids to stay away from sharp knives, dull knives or unevenly sharpened knives pose a huge danger to cooks.

Dull knives call for higher hand-pressure to cut through objects than sharp ones. Also, dull or unevenly sharpened blades are prone to slipping and missing the mark. Sharpening a knife smoothes out the rough edge and revives that edge after chopping, cutting or slicing with it for a while.

Unlike most other knife sharpening tools, Bavarian Edge uses a pretty simple motion to make the sharpening process quick and easy. And, all blades receive equal treatment irrespective of the blade type, shape and size. Follow these steps on how to use Bavarian Edge.

Note: Before using Bavarian Edge, ensure that the side with the sharpening arms is facing you. Hold Bavarian Edge steady to prevent it from becoming unstable and potentially causing injury.


If you want to polish your knife and give it a sharp and smooth edge, hold the knife horizontally in your hand and insert it through the Bavarian Edge opening. Next, carefully separate the Bavarian Edge sharpening arms with your other hand. Then, lightly move the knife back and forth in a sawing motion. Do not push down the knife.

Coarse Sharpening

Bavarian Edge can coarsely sharpen your blade. To do this, hold the knife in your hand so that the handle is positioned higher than the tip of the blade. Gently pull the knife through the Bavarian Edge opening while making sure to apply a small amount of downward pressure.

Do not forcefully push the blade down. Simply pull through the opening 3-4 times. Once the blade has been coarsely sharpened, do not forget to finely sharpen it for best results.

Fine Sharpening

Sharpening the blade finely with Bavarian Edge is an easy task. Hold the knife in your hand in such a way that the knife’s handle is positioned lower than the tip of the blade. Next, gently pull the knife through the Bavarian Edge opening a few times. Apply a small amount of downward pressure and do not forcefully push down.

Does Bavarian Edge Knife Sharpener Work?

Absolutely yes; it works as advertised. The secrets behind this knife sharpener are two spring-action tungsten carbide arms that contour around any blade. This sharpener is able to flex and contour around any blade or angle because of the tungsten carbide material.

This compound is two times tougher than steel but it is double the density. Essentially, the metal is more durable and flexible than steel. Because of this compound, Bavarian Edge not only sharpens any type of blade but it is also long-lasting.

Final Thought:

Buying new knives every often is costly. Thanks to the Bavarian Edge Kitchen Knife sharpener, you can now make your old and dull knives look new again. This knife sharpener quickly sharpens all types and brands of knives without having to change any settings.

The device features popular tungsten carbide arms that accommodate a variety of blade types and angles at an ultra-competitive price. The Bavarian Edge Kitchen Knife sharpener is an excellent choice that gives you the ultimate functionally, incredible construction materials, and tungsten arm longevity. Check out Bavarian Edge knife sharpener Amazon and make an informed purchase decision today.

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