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Wok is a versatile cooking vessel from china. It was originated in China but now widely used by cooks all over the world for various purposes. There wasn’t much variation in the best woks during its time of origin. But, now different best type of wok available in market. Though traditional woks have their particular structure and feature yet, the modern woks are emerging in new ways having different characteristics. The most common types of woks are carbon steel wok and cast iron wok. Although cast iron wok were the most common type used in the past, cooks tend to be divided on whether steel cast iron or carbon wok are superior.

Best Types of Wok

4 Best Type of Wok in Details:

At present, in market there are 4 best type of wok is available – Carbon Steel Wok, Cast Iron Wok, Non-stick Wok and Aluminum Wok.

Carbon Steel Wok

Currently, carbon steel wok is the most widely used one. This types of wok are made from carbon steel. This is relatively inexpensive compared with other. This is relatively inexpensive compared with other. It’s quite light in weight. This type of wok provides quick heat conduction. They used to have a long time weight makes them easier to lift and quicker to heat.

Carbon steel wok are of different price. Style and quality which is based on their layers and construction. Woks having less layer or single ply are difficult to use as they have a tendency to deform and misshape. They often have a hot spot. Higher quality woks are made of heavy gauge steel. The best type of woks are almost always hand made. They are pounded into shape by hand from two or more shoots of carbon steel which are shaped into final form by a ring-forming or hand forging process.

Cast Iron Wok

The second type of wok is cast iron wok. They can be found in two types in the market. One of them is traditional Chinese made cast iron wok and the other is western made cast iron wok. First ones are very thin of about 3 mm. They weight of cast iron wok is only a little more than a carbon steel wok. On the other hand, cast iron wok having western design are thicker (9 mm) than Chinese made cast iron wok. They are also heavier than Chinese made cast iron wok.

As they are thick, they take more time to come to a perfect heat for cooking. Cast iron wok get hot very quickly. Their heat distribution, absorption and retention quality is better than carbon steel wok. Food can be cooked very quickly with a cast iron wok. But, cast iron wok take a little bit more time than carbon steel wok to get cool. Because of this food cooked in a cast iron wok must be removed quickly from the wok. Otherwise there will be a possibility of an overcooking.

Non-stick Wok

Another types of wok available in market are non-stick woks. These types of woks are made with steel cooked with non-stick cooking such as PFA and Teflon. These types of modern woks are produced in western countries. Actually these types of woks are originated from western countries. But, they are quite popular in other parts of the world too. These woks don’t baron foods in them. They are tending to retain juices instead of browning. There has been very variation in non-stick world of woks. Time to time newer version are making appearance.

New non-stick pans are oven safe up to 300 degrees F or 260 Degrees C. This amount of heat is sufficient for stir frying. Now-a-days non-stick woks are also being introduced with three or five layers’ construction. The layers usually include stainless steel, aluminum or copper. Aluminum or copper layers are generally encapsulating by the stainless steel layers. Woks are now also being introduced with clad. Woks made with clad can cost almost five times more than traditional carbon steel or cast iron wok. Clad woks are slower to heat than traditional woks.

Aluminum Wok

Woks made from aluminum are now also having some popularity and recognition. Woks made with aluminum are superior in quality having thermal capacity as cast iron or carbon steel. While aluminum is an excellent conductor of heat. Woks made with aluminum grabs heat fast and loses heat to convection much faster than carbon steel wok. Aluminum woks may be produced much thinner than cast iron wok. Woks made with anodized aluminum are the best among them for daily use in kitchen. Aluminum woks usually offer excellent interior and five exteriors. They are tending to secure heat efficiently. They ensure proper heat absorption and distribution for perfect cooking.

At present there is a wide variety of woks. But, the traditional woks made of uncoated carbon steel is still the most popular choice. This types of woks grabs heat quickly, distributes it well, will create its own non-stick coating. It is one of the most economical to produce. Cast iron wok are also popular. They have superior heat retention and conductivity. Like carbon steel wok it will form a non-stick surface. With both carbon steel and cast iron wok, washing soap and water isn’t recommended. Because it may remove the patina of seasoning.

There is also stainless steel wok with a disk bottom and woks also stainless steel wok with a disk bottom and woks with triply construction. They are usable without washing even after cooking. Food cooked in those woks won’t have the same ‘Wok Hei’ as the previous ones, but the food will be delicious nonetheless. These woks will be very easy cleanable. There are also some other types of wok, such as electric wok, ceramic coated cast iron works, anodized aluminum woks and woks with Teflon or other nonstick surface treatments. But, these woks have their usual drawbacks. Best type of wok includes all those woks that can perform as much techniques as it can to make cooking, comfortable and safe.

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