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How to Clean Air Fryer

My aunt bought an air fryer a few weeks ago as a wedding anniversary gift for my lovely parents. I absolutely love it. It is an awesome device that I can use to air fry, toast, and broil all sorts of food with ease and convenience. However, I noticed the little tray and other parts […]

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How to Make Sparkling Water

Are you tired of drinking plenty of sodas and juices filled with unhealthy calories? If yes, I can show you how to make sparkling water at home and enjoy low-calorie bubbly drinks. Store-bought sparkling beverages are generally loaded with unhealthy stuff like sugar, coloring and preservatives. As we all know, plain water remains a perfect […]

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How To Use Flex Tape: A Step-By-Step Guide

Flex Tape is a rubberized watertight tape that features ultra-strong and extra-thick adhesive design for instantly creating a waterproof seal to bond and seal virtually anything you can fathom. It has a waterproof rubberized design, which proves useful in bonding to surfaces and providing emergency repairs. Flex tape works on almost any surface including metal, […]

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How To Use Egglettes

Do you want to know how to use silicone containers for cooking hard-boiled eggs without the eggshell? Well, hard-boiled eggs are fast and easy snack you can enjoy on the go whenever you like. But there is a catch; because unless you fully understand how to use egglettes it would be difficult to come up […]

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