Chill Chest Review: Too Good To Be True? 2021

Transporting food and drinks while keeping it cold or hot can be challenging. Fortunately, a new product known as the Chill Chest is designed to provide a real solution to this problem. A lot of Chill Chest reviews claim this iceless cooler uses the temperature lock technology to keep food and drinks cold for up to 10 hours. Well, it does sound too good to be true, but this comprehensive Chill Chest review will provide everything you need to know about this product.

Chill Chest Review – At a Glance

Product TitleONTEL Chill Chest Cooler
Features• Temperature Lock Technology
• Stackable & Foldable For Easy Storage
• Extra Large Capacity
• Robust, Durable & Lightweight
Weight2.1 pounds
Dimensions16 x 23.8 x 4.2 inches
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ONTEL Chill Chest Cooler: Brief Overview

You have probably come across ordinary ice coolers, and perhaps you have even used some of them once or twice at some point in your life. Traditional ice coolers have served their intended functions pretty well over the years, but they have now been overtaken by modern technology. Besides, they are too heavy and will likely make your food items soggy after the ice melts.

Now you can say goodbye to outdated ice coolers and welcome this new revolutionary product called the Chill Chest. The Chill Chest is a lightweight, foldable, and iceless cooler that will keep all food items cold for not less than 10 hours. The product features a 41-quart capacity and can accommodate up to 60 cans simultaneously.

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This new ice cooler comes with in-built temperature lock technology alongside Polypropylene, which traps the cold or the heat inside the food items without the need for any form of ice. It weighs about 2 pounds and thus it is easy to lift and carry with you wherever you go. ONTEL Chill Chest Cooler is excellent for many functions such as outdoor parties, camping, picnics, sports events, BBQs, boating, and much more.

Key Features of ONTEL Chill Chest Cooler

Temperature Lock Technology

The secret behind the functionality of ONTEL Chill Chest Cooler is the Temperature Lock Technology that works in unison with the rugged polypropylene construction. This clever combination is robust enough to hold more than 100 times the product weight but light enough for any elderly to lift it over their head.

This revolutionary tech element also prevents food items from getting soggy, unlike traditional ice coolers that make food soggy when the ice melts. The temperature-lock technology comes interwoven with polypropylene cells, which trap the cold inside to keep food frozen for up to a minimum of 10 hours. On the same token, the product can keep foods warm and toasty courtesy of the same insulating properties.

Stackable & Foldable For Easy Storage

ONTEL Chill Chest Cooler features a stackable, collapsing design that allows for condensed storage in no time at all. The supposed design also comes in handy in increasing mobility when out and about. Considering it weighs less than two pounds, the product is perfect for backyard parties, sporting and tailgating events as well as a day at the beach.

The unit is stackable to allow you to put them on top of each other if you have more than one product. It is equally collapsible so that you can store it with ease when you are not using it. It does collapse flat for secure storage.

Extra Large Capacity

ONTEL Chill Chest Cooler features an extra-large, 41-Qts capacity that can hold up to sixty cans at the same time. Its total capacity is approximately 39 liters, so it can hold up to 60 X 375ml cans without any problem. It can hold these cans and keep them hot or cold for ten hours or more – no ice required!

This product allows you to purchase your milk at the store and store it inside while you run other errands. Any refrigerated food item stored inside will stay as it is for a minimum of ten hours. Ice cream remains cold and ready to enjoy even on a hot beach.

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Robust, Durable & Lightweight

ONTEL Chill Chest Cooler can hold more than 100 times its total weight, even though it weighs only two pounds. The unit is so strong that a 4.5-ton truck can run over it and still withstand the impact. Several Chill Chest cooler reviews concur that this item works perfectly for life.

There is no more reason for you to lug around oversized coolers that seem awkward to carry. Chill Chest is exceptionally lightweight, stackable, and ice-free. It does fold up flat for effortless storage, plus it is easy to take wherever you go.

Easy to Use

Using the ONTEL Chill Chest Cooler is a piece of cake. The item is simple to assemble, use, and dismantle. Using this system is all about taking out the Chill Chest, unfolding its sides, and snapping them together.

Next, load up the system with any foods or drinks or sparkling soda water that you wish to keep cold or hot for hours. The unit can keep them hot or cold – depending on your needs – for up to ten hours. This product saves you time and effort while camping or at the beach.


  • Strong enough to sustain more than 100 times its weight
  • Lightweight – weighs slightly over 900g
  • Extra large capacity – accommodates up to 39L or 375ml cans
  • Stackable and collapsible for secure storage
  • Keeps food items cold or hot for up to 10 hours
  • Inventive Temperature Lock Technology
  • Extremely easy to use – perfect for picnics, camping, grocery shopping, etc.


  • Moving parts can wear out and reduce the ability to seal in the temperature
  • Might not work properly if the cooler is not full

Chill Chest Dimensions

Regarding dimensions, the ONTEL Chill Chest Cooler is 25.5H X 60W X 40L (cm). This can loosely translate to 16 x 23.8 x 4.2 (inches). The assembled product weight is approximately 2.15 pounds.

The collapsible design of this product allows for condensed storage and increased mobility. Having only two pounds total weight, anyone should find it easy to use. The setup is a breeze, and you can dismantle it in a matter of seconds.

Chill Chest Instructions

ONTEL Chill Chest Cooler comes with easy-to-follow Chill Chest instructions that revolve around how to set it up, flip up the sides, and fill the system with cold items. Make sure to close the lid after filling it with frozen food items. Also, instructions say Chill Chest delivers the best results when it is full.

You can also find additional instructions from different reviews of Chill Chest all over the web. If you follow instructions correctly, you will be able to keep your food items cold for up to ten hours. It also has impressive insulating powers that can trap and hold the heat to keep hot foods toasty and warm for several hours.

Final Verdict:

Ice can keep food and drinks cold, but it constantly melts and demands frequent replacement. With the ONTEL Chill Chest Cooler, you will be able to solve all puzzles revolving around keeping foods cold or warm while camping or at the beach. This Chill Chest can insulate from both and cold.

Go through Chill Chest Amazon reviews and see what other customers say about it. Actually, this revolutionary iceless cooler has many positive reviews, which point out to its excellent features and impeccable functionality. Buy Chill Chest now and enjoy partaking in outdoor parties, picnics, BBQs, grocery shopping, and much more.

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