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Hey, comes with Copper Chef XL reviews. Recently this pan is added in my kitchen. Let’s introduce you with this cookware. Copper Chef XL is manufactured by Fusion Life Brands. It comes with nonstick 9.5 inches deep square pan and all premium accessories.

The cookware includes six cooking features. You can use this as your stock pot, rice cooker, roasting pan, wok, baking pan and frying pan. It’s all awesome features makes this cookware so very attractive. The stainless steel hollow handles are heat resistant up to 850 degree F.

Four different accessories includes with this – Fry basket, Steamer and Roast Rack, Cooking recipe book and Tempered glass lid. And another great feature is this cookware is five layer construction – Double top layer, base layer, aluminum core, outside layer and induction base.

Cerami-Tech Non-Stick Technology use this this cookware. If you want you can cook food without or less buttor, oil and chemicals. This cookware is 100% PTFE & PFOA free and also made with non-toxic materials.

The Copper Chef XL Review at a glance

Product TitleCopper Chef XL
Features• Dishwasher Safe
• Tempered Glass Lid
• Riveted Handles for extra-secure grip
• Cerami-Tech Non-Stick Outer Coating
Weight1.93 Ibs
Width9.5 Inches
Length20.5 Inches
Quart Size4.5 Quarts
Heat Resistance 850 Degree
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What you will get with Copper Chef XL?

Fry Basket

Copper Chef Fry Basket is a perfect for frying. It will be help you to get delicious crispiness of frying without the grease. You can use this cookware in any kind of frying. If give me extra support in frying. Frying basket is enough large to frying cooking.

Steamer and Roast Rack

With the Copper Chef you will get a steamer and roast rack. Steamer and roast rack will help you to cook any kinds of frying item.

Tempered Glass Lid

The tempered glass lid ensure the safe cooking and oven safe up to 500 degree. The lid is oven to table in a breeze.

All Around Cooking Recipe Book

If you get a cooking recipe book with your cookware it is a surprising matter. It really help you to cook delicious food and recipe. You will get a recipe book with copper chef cookware.

Key features of Copper Chef XL

All in One Cookware Set

Copper chef is a package of cookware. You will get all pots and pan as your need. This cookware is like wok, baking dish, rice cooker, stock pot, steamer and deep fryer. By the way, I cook all kinds of my favorite recipe like backing, frying, roast and stream. Actually it is made for multiple uses. You can make all dish as your like, pizza, soup, pasta, French fries, fried cheese, crispy chicken, cakes, risotto, cake and so many items. This cookware is large enough to cook biryani too. It almost 9.5 square large.

Cerami-Tech Non-Stick Technology

The manufacturer used cerami-tech non-stick technology. For that why, the cookware is easy to clean. And another extraordinary feature is, you can cook food without oil and butter in this cookware.

Copper Chef Review

Works on all stove tops to oven to table

The Copper Chef cookware is comfortable with all kinds of stove tops like electric, glass top, gas top and induction cooking surfaces. The cookware handle is made with stainless steel, so it is easy to maintain and access in high temp and oven-safe. The handle is reasonable up to 850 degree heat. Recently an important feature add with this cookware – Cerami Tech non-stick coating. That’s help you to fry,  broil, saute, bake, braise, steam and also cook your favorite food.

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Make cooking taste in less time

Are you ready to taste your food? For quick and fast cooking there is included a stainless steel induction plate. It will ensure your fast cooking and an extra-large 4.5 qt. capacity along with special square shape provides up to 25% cooking space. It is perfect for any big or small family.

Durable 5 layer construction

The manufacturer use 5 durable layer construction.

  1. Double Top Layer: Made with nontoxic materials and doesn’t contain PTFE & PEOA.
  2. Base Layer: The cookware has a non-stick ceramic coating
  3. Aluminum Core: The middle layer is Aluminum Core. Aluminum Core distribute heat properly.
  4. Outside Layer: The 4rd layer is high temp exterior coating.
  5. Induction Base: Stainless Steel induction base keep the cookware heat longer and heats up this faster.

Includes multi use cooking set

The cookware is perfect for multiple use. You can use this to cook different kinds of recipe. It has one fry basket, one tempered glass lid, a cooking recipe book, a steamer and roast rack.


  • All in one pan
  • Works on all stove tops
  • Riveted handles are safe in high temp
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Five layer construction


  • Comfortable with all stove tops
  • All in one cookware set
  • Less time but great taste
  • Made with nontoxic materials
  • PTFE & PEOA free
  • Multiple cooking options
  • Safe and healthy cooking
  • Easy maintenance


  • A little expensive


Q: Can I cook all of my favorite recipe?

A: Yes, you can use the cookware to cook your favorite recipe.

Q: Is there any special soap or oil to clean copper chef pan?

A: No, there is now special soap. Just use your regular soap.

Q: Is the handle is safe for hand?

A: Yes, the handle is safe for hand. The heat of the handle will be in minimum level.

Q: Is this cookware is safe in dishwasher?

A: Yes, it is safe in dishwasher.

Q: What is the best place to buy this cookware?

A: I think Amazon will be best place. Or your will get this in your nearby store.

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Copper Chef XL Recipes:

Copper Chef Pan is a popular cookware to cook different popular recipes. Here you see some of our regular recipes cook with copper chef pan. I make a list of those recipes and cleat a short not of those.

Bake Recipe

If you want to get bake, broil, fry, saute and stream instantly than copper cookware is for you. Copper Chef Pan has cerami-tech non-stick technology, for that why you can cook without oil and virtually no need to clean up. The kitchenware is heat resistant up to 850 degree so you can cook your bake recipe easily.

Frying Recipe

Copper Chef cookware is perfect for any kind of frying recipe. You know frying food is not easy. For frying any kind of item, heat distribution is an important factor. This pan has a stainless steel layer which distribute the heat equally. So it is perfect to fry any item.

Roast Recipe

Who doesn’t like roast recipe. I love this recipe so much. To prepare this recipe this need large cooking capacity and copper chef XL is perfect for roast recipe. Also heat distribution is also a very important factor for this.

Stream Recipe

For delicious stream recipe copper chef’s streamer tray is very important. It helps to cook streamer recipe. I already tried this in my different recipe and get a good result.

Final Verdict

Copper Chef XL is a cool cookware to cook food. If you a cook lover, you can welcome this pan in your kitchen with all awesome features. The 6 in 1 cooking feature make me so very curious and the five layered construction is so very awesome.

The bottle line is – from my personal using experience I try my best to present the Copper Chef XL Reviews in details. Hope you already get enough information about this product. Now it’s your choice to get this cookware. Thanks for read my review.

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