Flex Tape Reviews: Everything You Need To Know in 2021

Let’s face it guys: a lot of things can develop leaks or cracks at home. It is almost impossible to evade the breaking of objects at home including plastic, rubber, wood, ceramic, metal, fiberglass, PVC, and so much more. When these things develop cracks and holes, most of us are not willing to spend a couple of extra dollars to get a professional maintenance specialist to fix these problems.

You see: getting a maintenance specialist is a great idea. But then again, you may end up spending hundreds of dollars to repair a simple problem that you could do it on your own. Fortunately, the market today offers a variety of products that promise to save a whole lot of money when it comes to fixing these simple problems.

One of the leading products for fixing leaks and cracks fast is the Flex Seal Tape. Perhaps you have come across the As Seen on TV Flex Seal Tape or read Flex Tape Reviews online. Well, if you are still wondering what it is, rest assured our Flex Tape review will give you a complete picture of the product as well as its features and benefits.

Flex Tape Reviews – At a Glance

Product TitleFlex Tape Rubberized Waterproof Tape
Features• Easy to Use
• Useful for a Variety of Surfaces
• Wide Temperature Range & UV-Resistant
• Flex Tape conforms to any Shape
Weight11.4 ounces
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Flex Tape Rubberized Waterproof Tape – Brief Overview

Flex Seal Tape 8 inches x 5 feet is an ultra-strong rubberized watertight tape featuring a triple-thick adhesive for griping on tight and instantly creating a waterproof seal to bond, patch, and repair just about anything. You can use this strong rubberized tape on different weather conditions – cold or hot, wet or dry.

Flex Seal Tape is hands down easy to use and grips on tight and bonds with immediate effect. Its triple-action is so powerful that you can use it even underwater or under pressure to patch holes and leaks of all sorts. Flex Tape lives up to its expectations and revolutionizes how to address leaks in the modern era.

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It can repair leaks in spas, pools, and even fish tanks without the need to drain the water. Flex Tape bond tends to improve with an increase in time and pressure. You can use it on a variety of objects and surfaces including PVC, acrylic, copper, steel, porcelain, fiberglass, wood, etc. It also proves effective for roof leaks, personal watercraft, outdoor equipment, boats, downspouts, air ducts, and other DIY projects. 

Key Features Flex Tape Rubberized Waterproof Tape

Easy to Use

Flex Tape is straightforward to use in about four simple steps. First and foremost, cut the Flex Tape to your desired size using a razor blade or a pair of sharp scissors. Secondly, remove the backing to reveal the adhesive inside the tape.

Thirdly, apply the Flex Tape onto a clean surface while pressing down firmly to drive out any bubbles or pockets of air within the tape. Lastly, give the tape time to bond to the surface. The bond gets stronger with time, and the tape cannot be repositioned once applied.

Useful for a Variety of Surfaces

Flex Tape will work whether the surface is dry or wet. It comes equipped with a thick, rubberized backing that conforms to a wide range of sizes or objects. It is extra wide and can instantly seal out large holes, cracks, and gaps.

The tape features ingenious adhesive capabilities, which prove effective for use underwater and still offer a robust and reliable bond. It is this tripe-thick adhesive that bonds a ton of surfaces for immediate repairs. You can use it on all sorts of materials including copper, ceramic, steel, PVC, drywall, etc.

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Note: Flex Tape may not adhere to highly plasticized, siliconized or water-repellent surfaces along with oily, dirty or greasy surfaces. It is also not for use on some fabrics and porous surfaces.

Wide Temperature Range & UV-Resistant

Flex Tape is VOC-free, UV resistant, environmentally friendly and highlights a wide temperature range. For this reason, everyone can use it even in extreme weather conditions without any concerns whatsoever. The product can stand temperatures between -70 and 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Flex Tape is so strong that it can instantly stop the toughest of leaks by gripping tight and boding effectively. Of course, this product is not intended as a permanent solution. Instead, the manufacturer has designed the Flex Tape as an emergency or for a temporary fix.

Flex Tape conforms to any Shape

Flex Tape is an ultra-strong rubberized tape designed to adjust to any shape or object. With a flexible thick rubberized backing, it can seal, bond, and patch almost anything you can imagine.

The durable adhesive tape drives out air, moisture, and water from any surface to form a super strong waterproof barrier. Unlike other available tapes, the Flex Tape bond increase with pressure and time.

Variety of Sizes

Flex Tape comes in a variety of different sizes and widths. You can get a wide tape roll enough to patch a large hole and seal the damage. Due to the variety of sizes, Flex Tape can fix such things as a broken pipe, a hanging car bumper, leaking roof, RV’s, campers, and even put together a boat swan in half.


  • Super strong and can bond, patch or fix virtually anything
  • Thick rubberized backing conforms to all shapes or objects
  • Instantly drives out water, moisture, and air form a flexible and super strong watertight barrier
  • Environmentally friendly, UV resistant, and VOC-free
  • Can be applied wet or dry, hot or cold, and even underwater
  • Withstands temperatures from negative 70 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit plus extreme weather conditions


  • Not suitable for some fabrics and highly plasticized materials
  • Not ideal for use on greasy, oily or dirty surfaces
  • The adhesive loses grip at temperatures higher than 200 degrees Fahrenheit, so it’s not suitable for use around engines.

Flex Tape where to buy?

You can buy As Seen on TV Flex Tape at places like Amazon, Walmart, and Home Depot. Reading Flex Seal Tape Amazon reviews is highly recommended prior to making any tangible purchase. I recommend Amazon because they offer the best prices and discounts.

How to remove Flex Tape?

We’ve learned that Flex Tape bonds become stronger over time. However, a lot of customers have been successful in removing Flex Tape using adhesive remover or a citrus degreaser. To remove a dried Flex Tape, scrub it with a damp rag and acetone. A heavy duty scrub with a little elbow grease can disrupt the Flex Tape seal for easy removal.

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Can Flex Tape be removed?

Although the Flex Tape bond gets stronger with pressure and time, you can still remove it successfully. You can combine kitchen degreaser and spray to remove the Flex Tape seal. I used a sharp paring knife to peel off one layer at a time while spraying it to distort the bond.

I’ve also used the Flex Tape remover to remove the toughest seal. It’s a portable, convenient, and easy-to-use aerosol with a rapid-acting formula that removes the toughest of adhesives. Flex Tape remover is excellent for removing Flex Tape, glue, decals, tar, graffiti, and more. It leaves no sticky residue if wiped clean.

Final Verdict:

Flex Tape is a life-saver when it comes to repairing anything in your home. This super-strong, rubberized, watertight tape can bond, seal, and patch virtually anything. Its thick rubberized backing conforms to various objects and shapes to form a flexible waterproof barrier.

Flex Tape is an excellent product for sealing holes and leaks on various objects and surfaces. Although it won’t grip on certain plasticized surfaces, the product proves useful on a wide range of surfaces. This product is worth it, and I hope this Flex Tape review will help you make an informed purchase decision for yourself.

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