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Cooking in a microwave is extremely convenient, and you shouldn’t have any second thought when it comes to investing in it. It does help you prepare a variety of foods. You can also use the microwave to reheat your leftovers, defrost your meat, and so much more.

Despite all these benefits, messes do happen sometimes, and you need to get some essential parts in place so that your microwave can function properly and meet your expectations. One of those critical parts is the Hover Cover Magnetic Splatter Guard, which lets you cook food in your microwave without the mess. Go through our comprehensive hover cover reviews to find out more information about this useful item.

Hover Cover Reviews – At a Glance

Product TitleHover Cover Magnetic Microwave Splatter Lid
Features• Microwave & Dishwasher Safe Top Rack
• Attaches to Microwave Roof When Not in Use
• Built-In Steam Vents
• BPA-Free & Safe
Weight5.6 ounces
Width11.5 Inches
Heat Resistance 300 Degrees
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Hover Cover Magnetic Microwave Splatter Guard with Steam Vents Cover

Hover Cover Magnetic Microwave is an innovative, BPA-free microwave splatter guard that prevents the tendency for the food to splatter in the microwave. It also helps to cook or reheat the food evenly and retain the much-needed flavor, texture, and moisture. It is simple to use and enhances your overall cooking speed.

This 11.5-inch microwave cover is made from food-grade PP material that passed the FDA safety certification. The product is convenient and safe enough to heat up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit, equivalent to 150 degrees Celsius. The unit comes furnished with a built-in steam vent that offers even heating of food while preventing condensation buildup.

hover cover review

Also, it uses BPA-free polymer encased magnets that help this splatter guard to fit the roof of almost every microwave. Polymer encased magnets also help you to secure it to the ceiling when not in use and pull down when you want to cover your food. This product is dishwasher safe and can fit most platters, bowls, and plates to rinse after use.

Overall, the hover cover microwave is ingeniously designed to prevent splatter and facilitate the cleanness of the microwave oven. The cover is made from plastic and can fit above a plate to prevent contents from splattering upon heating up. The item saves you a ton of time in the kitchen.

Key Features of Hover Cover Magnetic Microwave Splatter Guard

Clever Design

This hover cover comes installed with four polymer-encased magnets that prove useful in keeping your cover out of the way, especially when not in use. This Polypropylene microwave splatter cover promises to save you a ton of cleaning hours each week. It does prevent the walls of your microwave oven against food splatter as you enjoy your favorite snack or meal.

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Maintains Microwave Cleanness

The hover cover provides an excellent way to keep the microwave clean at all times. When cooking foods that splash or spill over, it is necessary to wash out the spills with immediate effect, especially if you have no microwave. However, the hover covers can end any food splatter with the special splatter guard which retains food splatter within the hover cover and not the microwave.

Fits All Things

The hover cover features the bubble design that is big enough to accommodate most dinner plates, bowls, and platters. No more problems when it comes to fitting all your food onto a small bowl. The hover cover can fit into virtually any standard microwave.

This 11.5-inch hover cover is ideal for such things as mess-free snacks after school. It is also perfect for reheating on the go meals – such as leftovers – without the spillover.

Polymer-Encased Magnet For Easy Storage

You can leave this item in the microwave when not in use. You do not need to take it out every time you want to reheat your food, and then put it over your food. Instead, the unit comes with microwave-safe magnets for holding it up against the roof of the microwave when it is not being used. Pull it down when you want to put it to use or lift it and allow it to hover.

Steam Vents

Steam vents are located opposite the magnets on top of the hover cover. They are specially designed steam vents that help reheat food while also allowing steam out so that your food can remain fresh all the time. Other covers – such as plates, bowls, or lids – do not come with this option.

BPA-Free & Non-Stick

This item is made out of a BPA-free non-stick plastic that is safe for use in the microwave. For that reason, you can wipe off any spillover that it may catch. In the event it becomes too dirty, all you have to do is toss it in the dishwasher for a comfortable and hassle-free cleanup.

Hover Cover Magnetic Microwave Splatter Lid

No Rags

Using the hover cover is an excellent way to reheat leftovers naturally without spills covering your food. You can reheat your leftover food effortlessly without the risk of rags falling onto the plate and contaminating it. No plates or bowls can end up leaving the food soggy.


  • Effectively prevents microwave food splatter
  • Four microwave safe polymer encased magnets
  • Extremely easy to use 
  • Secure storage on the microwave ceiling
  • Built-in steam vents circulate heat evenly
  • Top rack dishwasher safe, microwave-safe, food-safe & BPA-free
  • Cooks food quickly & efficiently without the mess


  • The vent cannot be closed
  • Made of plastic – which means plastic taste can leak into food if reheated for too long

Is Hover Cover Safe?

Yes, hover cover is a quality microwave cover that is BPA-free and meets FDA safety thresholds. It does not leak harmful chemical compounds from plastic to food. This kitchen allows you to reheat your food items in the microwave without drying the contents or disrupting the original flavor or texture of the dish.

Final Verdict:

Hover Cover Microwave is an excellent unit designed to save you a ton of time in the kitchen. It can practically heat any food choice without the risk of a messy cleanup afterward. This impeccable unit guarantees you three essential things: time convenience, proper functionality, and durability.

You can put hover cover out of the way when you have no business with it and get easy access to it when you need its service thanks to BPA-free polymer encased magnets. Above all, it can fit in almost any microwave – whether big or small – and secures to the ceiling for safe keeping. Read hover cover Amazon reviews and make an educated purchase decision now.     

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