How to Cook Chicken Wings in Air Fryer?

Air fryer chicken wings are super crispy and delicious without any unhealthy oil added. Using an air fryer to cook chicken wings instead of deep frying results in healthier and tastier air fried chicken wings whose deliciousness will get you blown away. These chicken wings take less than 30 minutes to cook, and can be served as an appetizer or as a main dish.

Air Fryer Chicken Wings Recipe

Cooking chicken wings in the air fryer is a brilliant way to make them extra crispy without any added oil or potato starch. Air fried chicken wings are juicy and tender on the inside but extra crispy on the outside. No one could ever believe they were not cooked in a deep fryer!


  • 12 chicken wings pieces
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1 tbsp baking powder
  • Pinch pepper


  • ¼ cup hot sauce
  • ½ tsp salt
  • 1 ounce butter
  • 1 tbsp brown sugar 


Split your chicken wings into flats and drummettes then snip off the tips. Thoroughly pat your chicken wings dry using paper towels and put them in a mixing bowl. Toss the chicken wings in a bowl containing a mixture of salt, baking powder and pepper to coat.

Arrange the chicken wings in a single layer in the air fryer ensuring they do not overlap. Cook the chicken wings at 250-degree Fahrenheit for 10 minutes or until the skin is sizzling crisp. Adjust the cooking temperature to 400-degree Fahrenheit and continue cooking for 15 minutes. Halfway through cooking, flip the wings for even crispiness.

In a medium heated pan, mix brown sugar, hot sauce, salt, and butter and allow the mixture to simmer for about one minute. Put the cooked chicken wings and sauce in a big bowl. Finally, toss the mixture until all chicken wings are covered completely with sauce. Serve hot and enjoy your chicken wings.

Things That Make Chicken Wings Truly Delicious

There are several chicken wing recipes with lots of different flavors. Nonetheless, the goodness of chicken wings boils down to just three things which make them truly delicious.

The first thing is the crispiness of the wings. The best chicken wings are crunchy and not overly burnt. I understand that some people enjoy eating the soft and tender chicken wings, but many people prefer the crunchiness when they bite into the wings.

The second thing is the tenderness of the wings. Actually, this is the hardest part of cooking wings because most people fail to achieve the desired tenderness. You will find some people either overcooking it or undercooking it, resulting in tough and dry meat.

The third and last thing is the sauce. The sauce tends to determine the great chicken wings, and everyone has their own taste preference. As far as the flavor goes, ask yourself whether you need the sweet and tangy sauce or the classic buffalo sauce. If you can eat a couple of wings in the classic buffalo sauce, then go ahead.

Final Thought:

Air fried chicken wings can save you calories since there is no need to add any extra oil. Also, all the excess oil from the wings can drip into the pan resulting in super crispy and juicy wings without any hassle. Follow my chicken wings recipe above and you will come up with the best wings that are tender and perfectly cooked on the inside and extra crispy on the outside.

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Klydo - June 23, 2019

Cook the chicken wings at 250-degree Fahrenheit ??? I that correct? I was thinking 350 Fahrenheit.

    Kathy - November 22, 2019

    250 degrees for 10 minutes then increase temp to 400 for 15 minutes.


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