How to Make Sparkling Water in 2021

Are you tired of drinking plenty of sodas and juices filled with unhealthy calories? If yes, I can show you how to make sparkling water at home and enjoy low-calorie bubbly drinks. Store-bought sparkling beverages are generally loaded with unhealthy stuff like sugar, coloring and preservatives.

As we all know, plain water remains a perfect go-to beverage since it contains no calories. However, sometimes you may desire some extra flavor or fizz while still keeping your health intact. For this reason, sparkling water sounds like a great alternative.

In this article, I am going to show you how to make sparkling water taste good by jazzing it up with a spritz of flavor from mint, citrus or fruit syrup. You also have the opportunity to choose your own healthy ingredients and create the flavors you love. Without further ado, I will begin by showing you how to make sparkling water using sodastream.

How to Make Sparkling Water Using SodaStream

A highly-rated SodaStream brand comes as a three-piece set comprising the soda maker, a BPA-free reusable bottle, and CO2 carbonator that can produce 50-60 liters at a go. You can also decide to buy add-ons such as soda water flavoring packs. Follow the following steps to make sparkling water using SodaStream.

  1. Pour cold water into a glass or bottle and store it in a refrigerator for a couple of days
  2. As soon as the water is cold enough, screw the bottle onto the SodaStream machine
  3. Push the carbonate button (located at the upper part of SodaStream machine) several times until you get the right amount of carbonation. Give it a break in between each press. The bottle will produce a buzz sound when it begins to fill with carbonation. One buzz per amount of fizz is the acceptable ratio you need to suit your taste on carbonation
  4. Locate the black button and push it backwards from the top edge of the device. Press it slightly harder first, then gentle, while maintaining firmness
  5. Unscrew or take off the bottle from the machine in order to produce the fizz of the drink water
  6. Slant the bottle from its 90-degrees angle and pour the carbonated water into a jug
  7. As directed on the package, add a few packets of syrup into the jug. You can also choose your unique flavor like mint or citrus
  8. Close the jug and shake it to mix the soda filling with water
  9. Pour and enjoy

How to Make Carbonated Water without CO2

You can make an unlimited supply of sparkling water without relying on home soda machines, which call for CO2 cartridges that need annoying return and refill over and over again. The principle of making carbonated water without a CO2 tank revolves around adding citric acid, lemon juice, or vinegar to water and pouring a little baking soda into the container. When baking soda (bicarbonate of soda) mixes with the acid in the water, it creates CO2 gas.

The generated carbon dioxide bubbles make the drink fizzy. Put the drink water in a closed container like a bottle to create the same carbonation as that found in a fermented soda. For flavors and decoration, you can add some tasty herbs into the bottle and shake the contents prior to serving.

You can experiment a bit with this recipe as it generates a mild pressure. Be careful, though. A mixture of too much baking soda and too much citric acid can generate excessive pressure that may explode the glass bottle. It is safe to carry out the experiment using recycled plastic soda bottles. Your safety comes first!

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