How to Season a Wok Pan? – Ultimate Guide to Clean a Wok

How to Season a Wok Pan? – It is a very important for wok users. So, those great tips are here. A wok is a traditional Chinese cookware that is very popular worldwide for making various dishes. A wok allows you to sear food quickly in very hot oil. Woks are also good for steaming, poaching, boiling, braising, and deep frying many types of food. You can try all these types of cooking techniques in a wok but before cooking the most important thing that you have to do is seasoning. Here are some methods and tips that can help you to season your wok correctly will increase its efficiency.

How to Season a Wok Pan? – Methods for Seasoning

It is important to season a wok because without seasoning it may create some problem such as food sticking at the bottom and water absorbing which will rust the wok eventually. Though there are a few woks that don’t require seasoning, but in most of the case seasoning is a must. Seasoning will create an excellent layer in the wok. As a result, it will become thicker and heavier creating a non-stick cooking surface. So there are the main methods of seasoning described below-

There are three main methods by which you can season your wok. They are –

  1. Stovetop seasoning method
  2. Oven seasoning method
  3. Salt seasoning method

It depends up to you which method you will choose. Different methods are suitable for different woks having different features. You have to watch over the best way for your wok reviews. But all of these methods require same initial steps. These methods are described in details below-

Stovetop Seasoning Method

  • First you have to wash it properly in hot soapy water. In this way oil preservative will be removed which is used in manufacturing. This the only time you will ever use soap with your wok unless it becomes rusty.
  • Then dry the wok thoroughly on heat. You can feel the warmth radiating from the wok. It’s ready to be seasoned now.
  • Put two or three table spoons of your desired oil and reduce heat to medium high.
  • Some oils that you can used in this step are
  1. Peanut Oil
  2. Canola Oil
  3. Grape Seed Oil
  4. Sunflower Oil
  5. Lard such as shortening or bacon fat.
  • Some people also used chopped ginger and scallions in this step. They think it will prevent food from picking metallic taste.
  • Spread the oil or other ingredients that you have used in the wok all over the cooking surface.
  • Then let the wok cool down after cleaning the oil or other mixture.
  • Rinse it with hot water and remove all remaining food particles. You can use a bamboo wok brush or sponge to clean it.
  • Put it on stove again and dry it. Store it for next use or you can repeat the process two more times for a better result.

Oven Seasoning Method

  • At first wash the wok like the previous method.
  • Coat the inside part of the wok with cooking oil or lard.
  • Then place it in the oven. The temperature in the oven should be 450 degree Fahrenheit.
  • Some woks have wooden or plastic handles. If the handles are removable, then remove them before using. If they are non removable then cover them with wet cloth.
  • Bake the wok for 20 minutes and remove it from the oven.
  • Now you can cool it and store it otherwise you can repeat the process for about three times for better result.

Salt Seasoning Method

  • In this method the first step for seasoning is alike the previous two methods. You have to wash the wok to remove factory oil.
  • Then pour 1 cup of salt such as table salt or especially kosher salt into wok.
  • Put the wok on gas stove over high heat.
  • When the salt starts melting, then start to stir. Push the salt all over the interior of the wok.
  • After continuing this process for about 20 minutes, remove wok from stove and clean the salt. It will spread a thin layer of oil onto the wok’s surface. It’s seasoned now and ready to use.

Things to Remember While Seasoning

  • Choose perfect oil for seasoning, don’t use something has lower smoke points such as olive oil and sesame.
  • Be careful while spreading oil or lard in the wok, perhaps you will get burn.
  • Seasoning often creates smoke, so make sure your windows are open.
  • Continue the seasoning process until your wok interior has a brown or black patina.
  • Don’t use acidic products in a newly seasoned wok,
  • Clean the wok properly before storing. Use it often to have a permanent patina.

If you want to use wok for long term you have to follow those techniques. We try to discuss details here – how to season a wok pan? Actually season a wok very important. We always try to keep our wok neat and clean.

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