How to Use a Wok? – Ultimate Guide to Use a Wok.

Wok, a traditional Chinese cookware, have become a popular tool in all over the world. How to use a wok? – It is a common question. Wok is a multi-functional cookware. It was basically originated as a bowl shaped frying pan. Then it was mostly used for stir frying. But now things have changed. In western world woks have got different colors and shapes as well as different features.

Some of the new designs have flat bottom and other facility as well. Cooks are using this for mostly searing food. It’s also good for steaming, poaching, boiling, braising, and deep frying many types of food. They are also inventing more ways to cook healthier foods with them. There is a great scope of experiment with more exotic recipes, and woks give them access to try cooking a wide variety of food items and mainly Chinese cuisine.

Woks are worth having around for any dish that you need to braise, steam, deep fry or stir-fry. Woks are widely available and quite affordable as other cookware.

How to use a wok? – Necessary Elements Required

To use a wok some equipment are necessary. some of them may be sold with the product otherwise you need to get them to make your cooking comfortable. Some of those important equipment are as follow-

Wok Lid

You’ll need a handy wok lid for steaming, boiling, and bringing up the temperature for things that need a bit of a longer cooking time.

Wok Ring

A wok ring is also an important equipment to cook with a wok. if you have a regular-sized gas or electric stove, you may want to consider investing in a wok ring. These aren’t strictly necessary when you have a traditional stove that can fit a round bottom wok very easily.

It’s not also necessary if you have a cast iron or steel grate on your gas range, but that doesn’t mean it’s not useful.

Wok Spatula

Cooking with a wok requires a good spatula. For cooking things like fried rice, glutinous rice cakes, or anything you’re making in large amounts that might stick to your wok, it’s good to have a sturdy metal spatula that can handle large amounts of food easily. There is various spatula made of different material. you can choose any of these that suits your cooking best wok.

Wok Brush

Wok brush is another thing that you’ll need to enjoy your cooking with wok easily. It will help you a lot while cooking.

Cloth or Paper Towel

You may also need a cleaning cloth or a paper towel while cooking. You can find a wide range of cleaning cloth or paper towel in stores that sell cooking equipment.

Seasoning Wok

You have to heat your wok over medium heat until it is very hot. If it’s too hot, take it off the heat, and allow it to cool a little.

While it is still on the heat pour 1 to 2 tbsp of oil into the wok, and brush or wipe it around the entire inside of the wok.  palm or peanut oil can also be used. It’s very necessary to create a more stick-resistant surface. Then allow the oil to cook to the wok’s surface. Then cool it before storing.


Woks are quite able to perform various cooking tasks very well. They can be used for boiling water, soups, dumplings or rice. braised dishes are generally cooked using woks. Deep frying can also be done with it. But you have to be careful about the size of the woks. Oil may splash in small wok while deep frying. A larger wok is more useful in this case. If you want to fry food with a small amount of oil, then a wok is perfect for this. Roasting is also possible with an enclosed wok with a lid. You can dry roast chestnuts by tossing them in a dry wok with several amount of small stones. To enjoy your cooking with a wok some procedures are given below-

  • You have to heat your wok over medium to medium-high heat until it is very hot.
  • Then add cooking oil as soon as the wok is hot enough. Allow your oil to heat up for about 30 seconds. If you are deep-frying, pour in 2 to 3 inches or more of oil and allow its temperature to rise to 350 to 375 degrees F.
  • Now you have to cook your ingredients in the hot oil. You should cook any food items such meat first because they will take longer to cook than your vegetables, which should still be crisp when they’re finished. Divide the food items in several lots when you are stir frying a large amount of food. Stir the ingredients so they cook evenly, then move them to a serving dish. To flip your ingredients over in the hot oil you can use a wire skimmer. You can also use that to remove the completely cooked food from the oil.
  • You can hot smoke your food by putting the smoking materials in the bottom of the wok and placing the food on a rack above. Using a steaming basket, you can steam food in a wok. Put enough water into the wok to come within 1 inch of the steamer’s bottom food level. Bring the water to a simmer, and place your bamboo steamer directly into the wok. Remove the steamer from the wok as soon as your food is cooked.


Cleaning a wok is very easy. Most of the woks available in market are made of such material that provides convenient cleaning facility. Some tips are given below for effective cleaning-

  • First allow your wok to cool and wipe out any leftover crumbs with a clean cloth or paper towel. Safely discard of any oil you may have used for deep frying. Never use soap on your wok because soap will destroy the wok’s seasoning, and it will no longer be non-stick.
  • Then you need to rinse your wok under hot water and wipe it out with a non-abrasive sponge.
  • Use special wok brushes for cleaning. If the brush still doesn’t work or you do not have one, pour some salt into the wok, and rub it into the stuck-on food with a paper towel or cloth until the food is scrubbed off. You can use kosher salt in this case. Then, rinse the wok under hot water and wipe it dry with a cloth.

At last dry your wok completely before storing, especially if it is not rust-resistant.

So they were some tips to how to use a wok effectively. A cook can provide you with proper duty if it’s properly used. So use your wok properly in the way described above. I hope those information will be helpful enough to enjoy cooking with a wok.


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