How To Use Egglettes 2021

Do you want to know how to use silicone containers for cooking hard-boiled eggs without the eggshell? Well, hard-boiled eggs are fast and easy snack you can enjoy on the go whenever you like. But there is a catch; because unless you fully understand how to use egglettes it would be difficult to come up with perfect hard-boiled eggs.

Without a doubt, egglettes are a catalyst in your ever-busy schedule if you love eating hard-boiled eggs but hate having to go through the tedious process of peeling eggs. This product comes with an easy-to-follow egglettes instruction manual, which guides you through when making hard-boiled eggs at home. With just a few steps, you will be able to make the cutest little eggs in 20 minutes or less.

How To Use Egglettes – Egglettes Instructions

Read all egglettes instructions thoroughly and make sure you understand them before you get started. Then, wash your Egglettes and dry them prior to use. Also, always take caution when handling egglettes since the product along with content can get hot.

Avoid using this product in microwave. Remember, it is designed for use on stovetop. Egglettes require thorough care and maintenance before use. So, make sure to toss it in dishwasher for safe and convenient cleanup, or wash it gently with warm, soapy water.

Using Egglettes to Hard-boil Eggs

Using egglettes to hard-boil eggs at home requires less commitment than employing the traditional way of hard-boiling eggs. This item eliminates the hassle of having to peel the boiled eggs after they are fully cooked. And, the silicone pods are easy to clean and dishwasher safe for efficient cleaning.

Now, let’s take a look at egglettes directions for hard-boiling eggs:

egglettes instructions

What You Will Need:

  • Egglette pods with lids (I pod per egg)
  • Eggs (1 egg per pod)
  • A large pot
  • Cooking spray
  • Timer

Egglettes Directions:

  1. Fill a large pot with 3-4 inches of water. Ensure that the Egglettes are not touching the bottom and are entirely covered up to their red tops
  2. Using high heat, boil water in a large egg pot until it reaches a rolling point
  3. Spray or oil each Egglette with cooking oil
  4. Crack an egg and fill each Egglette pod with a whole egg (or egg recipe). Make sure the egg does not go beyond the fill line
  5. Hold Egglettes by rim and twist on top. Make sure they are tightly fixed
  6. Hold the handle and cautiously place Egglette pods (filled with cracked eggs) into boiling water
  7. Boil for about 15-16 minutes for hard-boiled eggs (cooking times vary if you need soft or medium-boiled)
  8. When cooking timer switches off (which means eggs are fully cooked), turn off heat and carefully remove Egglette with an oven mitt. You can use tongs if oven mitts are not available.
  9. Allow it to cool for a few minutes
  10. Remove lids for Egglette pods and pop out cooked egg. Squeeze out the egg gently because it can slip out easily
  11. Serve immediately and enjoy
  12. If you like, you can refrigerate your hard-boiled egg and enjoy it with salad.

Egglettes cooking time may vary depending on which stovetop you are using—gas or electric. Usually, gas does cook faster than electric. The chart below shows the type of recipe and its cooking time. Take a look:

For Best Results:

There are certain things you can do to make sure your egg comes out just perfect. For best results, oil or spray the Egglette cups with one of the recommended oils below.

Coat the entire inside of the Egglette evenly and thoroughly with either of the following:

  • To get the smoothest texture, roll oil around the inside cup and coat it thoroughly as well. Remove the excess oil by shaking out over the sink
  • Spray the interior with a few short bursts of cooking spray. For smooth surface, roll oil around and coat it thoroughly and evenly. Shake out the excess oil
  • Place ½ cup extra virgin oil (or coconut oil) into the Egglette cup. Coat the inside surface thoroughly and evenly.

Final Thought:

Egglettes prove useful if you want to hard boil eggs without the shell. The recipes you can make with them are pretty impressive, particularly if you follow the suggested egglettes instructions correctly. I hope you will enjoy the convenience that comes with this product!

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Madoqua - January 15, 2020

Due to surviving a massive double hemorrhagic (Luke Perry kind of)stroke, I totally lost the use of my entire left side including my arm/hand along w/a tennis ball sized portion of my brain, so now I have no choice but to learn how to adapt to my new life by relearning how to cook using my new semi lightweight ‘adaptive’ low risk of being fire hazardous cooking utensils/items like a slow cooker and a small rice cooker and a very small countertop grill (all of which I’ve learned how to relatively “easily” maneuver/operate one handed (unfortunately, I was also left with a 3-5 minute memory)) in my effort to regain a modicum of independence by cooking some very simple meals w/o assistance. I used to love eating over easy/sunny side up eggs on toast in my pre-stroke life. Can I still make decent soft boiled eggs in an egglet pod? I’ve also had to buy several adaptive items like egglets and an egg cracker. Has anyone successfully tried making soft boiled eggs in your test kitchen yet? I already learned how to do a mean hard boiled egg in my slow cooker , but I’d like to have more variety if at all possible. The stroke negatively altered my taste buds but eggs mostly still taste good. Thank you for any help you/your followers might be able to offer. Let me apologize if any part of my comment becomes redundant or unintelligible.


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