How To Use Flex Tape: A Step-By-Step Guide in 2021

Flex Tape is a rubberized watertight tape that features ultra-strong and extra-thick adhesive design for instantly creating a waterproof seal to bond and seal virtually anything you can fathom. It has a waterproof rubberized design, which proves useful in bonding to surfaces and providing emergency repairs. Flex tape works on almost any surface including metal, acrylic, porcelain, fiberglass, cement, drywall, steel, copper, aluminum, glass, etc.

Flex Tape is specifically formulated with a flexible rubberized backing that will conform to a wide range of shapes and objects. This adhesive tape is not only durable but also seals out air, water, and moisture to form a flexible, extra-strong, and watertight barrier. Often, the bond of Flex Tape tends to increase with time and pressure.

Steps For Using Flex Tape -How To Use Flex Tape

Flex Tapes works effectively in various situations. However, the application should be made properly in order to achieve the best results. For exceptional results, make sure to remove the protective film and press down the tape firmly.

You can use a wide array of items to press the tape onto the surface, such as a roller, a squeegee, or a flat object. Remove any air pockets before using the Flex Tape on any given surface. You can use such item as a hair dryer on the Flex Tape back to enhance the strong bond to porous surfaces like concrete.

Flex Tape adheres instantly, but the bonding becomes stronger over time. So, let’s look at the step-by-step guide on how to use Flex Tape to seal your pool.

What You Need:

  • Flex Tape
  • A pair of sharp scissors or a high-quality razor blade

Directions: Step by Step Guide

1.    Remove the Surface Dirt

Cleaning the surface is essentially the first thing you have to do before applying the Flex Tape. Basically, cleaning involves the removal of dirt, oil, and grease from the surface. You can clean your pool with a rag and cleaning solution to remove things like grass, dirt or mud that could be lingering in there.

2.    Cut, Peel & Stick 

Cut the Flex Tape to the required dimension using a razor blade or high-quality scissors. Ensure that the backing is still on as you do the cutting. Also, it is essential to cut the appropriate Flex Tape sizes that are larger than the surface of the pool leak.

 Peel the Flex Tape backing from each piece and stick one piece to the leak on the inside of the pool. Press it down firmly using your fingers, roller, or a plastic squeegee. Then remove any pockets of air.

Apply the second piece of the Flex Tape to the leak on the outer part of the pool wall. Applying the Flex Tape to the inside and outside of the pool leak will provide it with double protection. Then, press it down with a lot of pressure to remove any bubbles or air pockets.

3.    Allow Up To 24 Hours

After the application, give the Flex Tape up to 24 hours. Often, this product has no standard curating time. However, it will reach its full maximum hold after about 24 hours. The bond becomes stronger as the Flex Tape sits on the surface.

Flex Tape will form an airtight, waterproof seal that will prevent your pool from leaking. Flex Tape can never be re-positioned once fully bonded. Therefore, do not try to remove and re-use it on other surfaces.

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