How to Use Sodastream? Step by Step Guideline(2021)

If you are a first-time soda stream user, it is the common question for you – How to use sodastream?  The sodastream system is a very popular and simple system to make sparkling water. You will get bubbly drinks feel just use sodastream system. A plastic BPA-free carbonating bottle is included in each sparkling water maker.

The most important this is the bottles are safe, BPA-free, reusable and uniquely signed. And the interested and important thing is it safe 2190 bottles and cans every year. A C02 Cylinder bottle included with the sparkling water maker. The CO2 cylinder is refillable and you can refill the cylinder for your local market anytime.

The soda maker machine makes your water exciting. Just simple three steps you have to follow for this. Fill, Fizz, Add Flavor and make your favorite sparkling water.

how to use sodastream

How to use Sodastream? (In details Guideline)

Purchase A SodaStream Machine:

There are different types and brand sodastream machine available in the market. Aqua Fizz, crystal, fizz, fizzy, fountain, genesis, jet, play, source, play are popular sodastream brand in the present market. You can choose your best soda maker machine from them. Personally, I prefer this brand. There are also available so many soda makers in the market you can buy from them as your requirement, interest, and choice. I have tried different types of soda maker machine, but I think those bands is best.

Fil the Water Bottle with Some Water:

The first work fills the water bottle with some water (depends on bottle size). It you like cold carbonate water fill the jug with cold water.  Sometimes, I like cold water or normal water as my test. So, you can fill as your test.

By the way, you think for a water bottle? You will get a water bottle with your soda maker machine. And the interesting thing is the water bottles are reusable. The important thing is it saves almost 2000 bottles and cans each year. Sodastream also save our money. From the local market, you can buy the SodaStream bottle.

Screw the Bottle onto Soda Maker Machine:

The next step is to screw the bottle onto the sodastream. Make sure that the bottle is the screwed bottle is ok. If the sod maker you are using is that of a soda machine of taller filling size. Almost you are ready for carbonate water.

Press the Carbonate Button:

If you notice, there is a carbonate button at the top of the soda maker. Just press the button several times, until the carbonation amount is not going to your test level. Most of the sodastream have carbonation signal light. The LED indicator will help you the carbonate water label.

The 1st LED means soft level carbonate, 2nd LED indicator means medium level carbonate and the 3rd LED indicator to mean high-level carbonate. Then it is easy to mix carbonate as your test level. Sometimes most of the user confused is their carbonate water ready for a drink. So, it is an awesome feature for them.

Unscrew the Bottle from the SodaStream:

After carbonate, the water just unscrews the water bottle safely. Take off the bottle, you notice some babbles in the bottle that means water is ready as a carbonated drink. After unscrewing tip the bottle a little sideways and as to not lay it 90 degrees from its present angle.

Mix your favorites flavor in carbonate water:

Carbonate water is ready to drink, just mix your favorite flavor. You will get some ready to make the syrup with your sodastream. Don’t like that syrup, then there are different types of flavor available in the market. Just go to the market and buy your favorite flavors.

There are some official SodaStream flavors – clear syrups, cola syrups, fruit syrups, functional syrups, functional syrups, sparkling teas, my water, sparkling natural syrups, Kraft syrups, and limited edition syrups, etc. So many unofficial sodastream flavors are available in the market.

Shake the bottle:

Your carbonate water is ready to drink, just shake the bottle to mix your favorite flavor with water.

Add some ice as your test:

If you like ice in your carbonated water, add some ice.

How to use SodaStream? – Additional Guides.

Did I try to discuss all steps to of – how to set up SodaStream? Here are some additional guides for you.

Refill the CO2 Carbonator bottle in time:

In all sodastream, there is a refillable carbonator bottle available. After finish the bottle you can refill the carbonator bottle. In the market anywhere you can refill the bottle. Please don’t forget to refill the bottle in just time otherwise you can’t get your sparkling water.

Clean the sodastream bottle regularly:

I have to clean the water bottle regularly. Normally I clean my water bottle after 3 or 4 days. It is good for you if you clean the water bottle in several time.

Replace the water bottle after several time:

In most of the soda maker machine 1 or 2 readymade bottle provide with them. But those are not for long term use. After a fixed time you have to replace the water bottle. There the local market there are so many good quality bottles is available. So you can choose the best bottle from the market.

Don’t do carbonate over your test level: 

We know that much-carbonated water is not so good for health. So please care on this don’t do carbonate over your test level. Most of the soda maker machine use LED light to indicate carbonate water level.

We try our best to provide more information on how to set up sodastream. Hopefully, from the above discussion, you get a total idea on soda maker use. Just follow three steps – fill, fizz and flavor. It is so easy, just spend 2-3 minutes you can feel the test of sparkling water. To know more about soda maker see our sodastream reviews.

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