SodaStream Carbonator How Long Does it Last

SodaStream carbonator how long does it last it will depend on your usage. Basically, three sizes of CO2 gas cylinder available in the market. 30L, 60L and 130L sodastream cylinder bottle. 30L and 60L cylinder adjust with all sodastream model. But, 130L cylinder bottle adjusts with few cylinder bottles those are – Jet, Splash Play, Revolution, Dynamo and Fizz sodastream. 130L CO2 cylinder bottle is not adjusted with any other SodaStream model. So when you go for replace your cylinder bottle you have to consider these points.

Basically, you will get 30 or 60 liters of soda from accordingly 30L and 60L SodaStream CO2 gas cylinder. This no. will depend on your usages, it may be less or more. Normally on average, you have to replace your 30L CO2 bottle every 3-4 weeks and 60L cylinder every 6-8 weeks. Remember that it is just an estimation.

I trying to give you data from my experience and estimation. Actually lasting of carbonator bottle depends on the amount of consumption and carbonation level. There are 3 carbonation level tests – level 1, level 2 and level 3.

Estimation of SodaStream Carbonator How Long Does it Last

 Level 1Level 2Level 3
Carbonation Level

Mixing Time10 minutes20 minutes30 minutes
Water Production
19.5 gallons9.8 gallons5.3 gallons

SodaStream Not Carbonating

There may much reason for your SodaStream is not carbonating. If your sodastream is not carbonating consider those points and recheck those.

CO2 Cylinder Bottle is Empty

Recheck sodastream CO2 cylinder bottle, it may empty. It’s may major one problem why your sodastream is not carbonating. It occurs four times when I carbonating water. I don’t know when CO2 cylinder is empty.  Then I check this and refill the bottle.

Incorrect Water Temperature

For proper carbonation, you have to use cold water. If you use over temperature water, it will not carbonate properly. So always try to use cold water. I always prefer cold water for this.

Gas Tube is Loose

Recheck your gas tube and adjust with machine properly. Most of the user don’t adjust gas cylinder with the machine properly. So read the manual again and do this.

Incorrect Starting Angle

Check your water bottle is it in the correct angle. If is it not screw the bottle in the correct angle.

Hold Down SodaStream Button

Hold down and push the sodastream button properly. Push the sodastream button until the gas is not creating bubbles. There is an LED indication if will help you to mix soda as your test level. If you like soft level press the button until on 1 LED light, for hard level press the button until on 3 LED light.

Sodastream Refill Cost

To refill sodastream the cost will be only $5 per bottle. The cost of per liter will be $0.23 and for per liter syrup you have to pay $0.41. Both you will get at a cost of $0.64. You can also exchange you CO2 cylinder local. The exchange charge will be $30 for 130L cylinder bottle. So, you will get this within so very cheap price. By the way, the sodastream refill system saves my money and decrease my cost. To know about more SodaStream see our soda stream reviews.

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