Sodastream Fizzi Review 2021 (Best Sparkling Water Maker)

Are you looking for Sodastream Fizzi Review? 10 months ago I buy a Sodastream Fizzi machine. Here I am trying to share my experience with you. I read so many reviews to choose sodastream machine. At last, I get this soda maker. I love the simple design. If you live a simple design this machine for you. It is easy to install and use.

Buy the way, before choosing the machine you should a clean image of the machine. You need to know details about this. OK fine, go back to the main topic. After unboxing the machine I get a 60L CO2 cylinder bottle and a 1 Liter plastic carbonate bottle. The water bottle is BPA free and reusable. Also, you can refill the CO2 cylinder bottle.

It is so very easy to install just 2 simple steps. Take the back cover off and install the cylinder bottle in this place. Make sure it is set up properly in his place. Then tighten the CO2 to the machine and put the back part on. Your machine is ready to make sparkling water.

And it is time to test sparkling water. Using 1 60L site cylinder bottle you can make up to 60-liter sparkling beverage water. Fill up the water bottle with water up to the line. It is better to take cold water. Screw the water bottle with the machine and press the button and mix as your test label. Within 30 seconds your sparkling water is ready to drink. Put the water in a glass. If you want you can add your favorite flavor. Add your flavor syrup and enjoy your sparkling water.

Sodastream Fizzi Review – At a Glance

Product TitleSodastream Fizzi Sparkling Water Maker
Features• 60L CO2 carbonate bottle is included
• This model has 2 year warranty
• Compatible with 1L and 0.5 L Fuse carbonating bottle
• Fizzi model is lightweight, pretty sleek and slim
• Made with long durable plastic
Weight6.1 pounds
CO2 Compatibility 60L
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Key Features of Sodastream Fizzi

Sparkling time:

Just push the machine button for the 30s, your sparkling water is ready to drink. You don’t have enough time to go out to take a soft drink. Just push and ready your sparkling water. It you save you money and time both.

Reusable bottle:

With the sodastream you will get a reusable bottle. The great point of the bottle, it is BPA free. In your bottle, you can carbonate 1-liter water. If you want you can replace the bottle. There are so many readymade sodastream bottles available in the market. You can buy and use them as your choice.

how to use sodastream fizzi

Designed with class:

Sleek, slim and simple design. Not so critical design, just simple. Which make this so much unique. If you want to enjoy sparkling water anytime just push the button and ready your carbonate water. It is set up with all appliance, easy to use and control, simple but smart design and easy to install.

Fully Equipped:

Sodastream Fizzi machine is fully equipped with necessary things. When you buy the machine you will get a carbonate water bottle, machine and gas cylinder bottle. So you are getting all in one. You can make over 60-liter carbonate water using one cylinder bottle and you can refill the bottle anytime. It makes your every moment enjoyable.

Easy as the press of a button:

You want to drink sparkling water now. But you can’t go out of home at present. Yea, only one press of a button manage your sparkling water. Fizzi soda maker gives you this option. No need to go out of the home and it will save your money also. Otherwise, if you decide you will avoid all kinds of soft drink, then this machine is for you. Enjoy, fun and drink sparkling water as your test.

Starter kit includes:

Why you choose this soda maker machine? It will save you money. Ask how? With the sodastream fizzi model, your will get 1L reusable BPA free plastic bottle to carbonate water and 60L CO2 carbonate cylinder gas bottle. So hope you understand now how it saves your money.

Easy Setup:

Sodastream Fizzi is so very easy to install. It takes only a few minutes to set up. When you unbox the Sodastream fizzi you will get a 1L reusable plastic bottle and 60L CO2 cylinder bottle. First of all, take off the back plate and install the CO2 bottle carefully. That’s all, now your machine is ready to serve you sparkling water.

Add multiple flavors:

It is a great feature of the sodastream machine you can add here multiple flavors. So add unlimited flavor as your test label and take you carbonate drink. Those flavors are top three in my favorite list – Clear Kiwi Pear, Green Mango Apple and Clear Passion Mango syrup. So try different syrup as your test.

sodastream fizzi flavor

CO2 cylinder Bottle:

When you buy this machine you will get a CO2 cylinder bottle. The bottle will save you money. If gas is over you can refill this anytime.

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  • 60L CO2 carbonate bottle is included
  • This model has 2 year warranty
  • Compatible with 1L and 0.5 L Fuse carbonating bottle
  • Fizzi model is lightweight, pretty sleek and slim
  • Made with long durable plastic


  • No electricity and battery required
  • The quick-snap design make this unique
  • It work better than old model
  • Won’t break the bank of the sodastream
  • Fizzi bottle is recyclable


  • It is basic compared to the sodastream Source and Power Brand

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does it work without battery or electricity?

A: Here is a carbonating button in top to the machine. When you push the button C02 come from cylinder and it actually create carbonating water.

Q: Can I use here 130L C02 cylinder bottle?

A: With this machine you will get 60L C02 gas bottle but you can’t use here 130L C02 cylinder bottle.

Q: What I will get with Fizzi Sodastream?

A: You will get with the Sodastream Fizzi model a 60L CO2 cylinder and 1 Liter reusable carbonating bottle.

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How to use sodastream fizzi

Sodastram fizzi is so very easy to use, setup and access. Most of the new user search for this answer how to use sodastream fizzi? You will get sodastream user manual in their main website. I discuss with you details about how you can use this. After unbox the sodastream machine you will get a reusable bottle, a CO2 cylinder bottle and the machine. It is time to setup the soda maker machine.

The off the black plate of the machine and install the CO2 cylinder bottle. Please confirm the bottle is tighten welly. Then take on the back part. It is time to test your sparkling water and enjoy it. First of all, add water to the fill line of the plastic bottle.  It is better if you fill this with cold water. Then screw the bottle with the machine. You will see a button in top of the machine.

Press the button for first, second or third time. It will depend of your test label. If you like soft sparkling water then the button for 1 time, for medium press for 2 times and for hard or high label press for 3 times. Within 30 seconds your sparkling water is ready to drink. It is time to add flavors.

Sodastream Fizzi Flavors

Carbonated water is ready, add flavor as your test. There are so many sodastram fizzi flavors in the market. You can add any kind of flavor with sparkling water. If you are in diet you can use Diet Coke flavor. Personally I like fruit drinks and lemonade flavors.

There is so many syrup available in market like – clear syrups, cola syrups, functional syrups, fruit syrups, sparkling teas, sparking natural syrups, my water syrups limited edition syrups and kraft syrups etc. I tested so many syrup from those. I can suggest you those best sodasteam flavor.

Final Verdict

I try my best to provide you enough information on Sodastream Fizzi review. I share with you from my personal experience. Everybody have some personal requirement and demand to choose product. If your requirement match with the machine you can go for this product.

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