Sodastream Flavors Amazon (Top 10 sodastream flavors review in 2018)

Are you looking for sodastream flavors amazon? Yea, from last three months I buy sodastream flavors from amazon. All flavors of amazon are so good. I test different flavors. The sodastream flavor price is reasonable and you can order your favorite sodastream flavor as your test.

Top 10 Sodastream Flavors Amazon Reviews

I test those sodastream flavors. I tried my best to write here my personal experience. You can see those point and can choice your best sodastream flavor.

SodaStream Sparkling Gourmet Lime Basil Syrup

Sodastream Sparkling Gourmet Lime Basil Syrup was inventor by Chef Paul liebrandt. This add an additional flavor in your sparkling water. It is so very popular in present market for its some awesome features. The flavor has no Aspartame or HFCS. You can make 9 liters flavored sparkling water with using 1 bottle. The ingredients of the flavor is sugar, water, citric acid, beta carotene, natural flavors, burnt sugar syrup and stevia. Those ingredients are make naturally and also lightly sweetened with natural sugars.

The important thing is it have no preservatives, no high fructose corn syrup and artificial sweeteners. SadoStream Sparkling Gourmet offer you to make your favorite sparkling water at home and mix your favorite flavor. The weight of the syrup is 14.9 ounces. You will get the syrup within 1 day after confirm your order.

  • No Aspartame or HFCS
  • Totally Caffeine-free
  • 9 liters flavored sparkling water with 1 bottle
  • 45 calories
  • Natural sugar and naturally flavored

SodaStream Diet Fountain Sparkling Drink Mix Variety Pack

SodaStream Diet Fountain Sparkling Drink Mix Variety Pack is being popular day by day for it classic for made sparkling water at home. If you want to take soft drink with better bubbles this is for you. If creates a lots of bubbles in sparkling process. There are 4 single bottle with different flavor in one package.

This is specially made for diet person, who want to drink sparkling water. The diet soda is so delicious and better than the sugar option. We love coke, but when we are in diet we can’t take this. But this flavor offer you this option to test coke flavor.

  • It has no HFCS and Aspartame
  • Four different flavors in four different bottles
  • Less sweeteners and sugar
  • 440ml drink mixes with every single bottle
  • Refreshing flavored sparkling water

SodaStream Sparkling Drink, Dr Pete

Do you like to take home make sparkling drink? If yes, Sodastream Sparkling Drink is for you. This soda flavor will give you a classic feelings. It bring popular for homemade option. Most of the user like better bubbles in sparkling water. Sodastream Sparkling Drink create so many better bubbles. Soft drink with a lots of bubble is a new feel. I also like this to drink soda water with bubbles.

This flavor is very favorite to a diet person. It is less sugar and sweeteners than other soda flavors. No Aspartame and HFCS include. 4 bottles of 44oml drink mixes included in here. You can make 9 liters sparkling water with on 440ml flavor bottle.

  • No include HFCS or Aspartame
  • Includes 440ml four bottles Drink Mixes
  • The sugar level is less and sweeteners than other leading shop bought drinks
  • 36 servings (9 liters) refreshing flavored sparkling water made with 440ml Drink Mixes

SodaStream Diet Caffeine Free Cola, 440ml 4-Pack

SodaStream Diet Caffeine Free Colo syrup is specially made for diet person, who are in already control diet. All died person obviously like this flavor. 4 440ms bottles pack available with the sodastram flavor. The special feature is it is completely caffeine free. Most of the person don’t like caffeine. I also don’t like caffeine. The high level caffeine is injurious to health. The dimensions of the product is 2.8 x 2.8 x 7.6 inches and weight is 14.9 ounces.

  • Diet caffeine free cola syrup
  • Quick and easy to mix and drink
  • Four soda syrup bottle
  • No Aspartame and HFCS

Organic Fair Soda Syrup Set

Do you love organic soda syrups? Organic soda syrup is better than other syrup. Organic Fair Soda Syrup Set help you to get feel of organic syrup. This is a complete package of organic soda syrup. With this package you will get 6 different soda flavors in 6 different bottle. Those soda flavors are Root Beer, Kola, cherry cola, lavender lemonaid, ginger ale and hibiscus lime with hopes.

With those six different flavors enjoy your party, mocktails and cocktails.

  • 6 Different flavor with different bottle
  • Organic syrup
  • It is Certified USDA organic, vegan, GMO-free and gluten free
  • All natural flavor, no artificial flavor.
  • It is made with organic herbs, roots, spices and fruits
  • No corn syrup, sweetened with organic cane sugar

PowerMedley Ramune soda gift set (12 variety) 

If you love different soda syrup package in one package and this is for you. With this PowerMedley Ramune Soda Gift Set there are 12 variety flavor in different bottle. Those soda syrup bottle are unique design and well packaging. It is a very popular soda flavor for soda lovers because they will get all sodastream in one package.

PowerMedley Soda Gift Set is made from Japan. To uncover the soda syrup bottle just pop of center of cap. It is so easy to open. To open the jar, press firmly down on marble till it falls in the chamber below.

The main thing, there is no artificial sugar it made with real sugar. It is very tasty and bubbling.

  • Interesting 12 different flavor
  • Unique design soda flavor bottle
  • So very tasty and bubbling
  • No artificial sugar made with real sugar

SodaStream Cola Syrup, 14.8 Fluid Ounce

If you love sugar free or less sugar sparkling water this is for you. SodaStream Cola Syrup is less sugar and sweetener. SodaStream Cola Syrup designed to bring popular flavors to homemade sparkling water. It is easy to mix in sparkling water. If we buy sparkling water from market, it can be unhealthy for our health and we can’t test our favorite flavor. If we make the sparkling water in our home, it is healthy for us and we can mix our favorite flavor.

  • No Aspartame and HFCS included in this syrup
  • Small sugar and Sweeteners
  • No artificial flavors
  • 9 liters sparkling water with each bottle
  • Each syrup makes 36 servings of refreshing sparkling water

Best Price Flavors Case [5-Bottles x 2 Ounce Each] ~Any Combination You Want

No artificial sweetened, all natural sweeten and natural background color. Health conscious people like Best Price Flavors Case because it has no artificial flavor all are natural. It is so very popular because it give so many options to soda lovers. There are more than 17 flavors you can choose 5 bottle combination of flavors as your choice. It is a great option for us we get multiple option to choice.

Another awesome feature is “In Beverages” is great in teas, seltzers, coffees, bar-drinks, protein shakes and smoothies.

“In Food Recipes” it add awesome flavor in frostings, cake batters, bread doughs, muffin mixes, French toast washes, mousses, pancake batters and yogurt.

  • Option to choose five different flavor bottle
  • Different combination of flavors available
  • Natural background flavors
  • Those flavors are good to mix with beverages and food recipes


SodaStream My Water Variety All Natural, 3ct, 40ml – Unsweetened Soda Mix

SodaStream My Water Variety All Natural is made with all natural flavor, no artificial unsweetened. In one package you will get 3 different flavors. All flavor bottle is 40 ml. and with each bottle you can make approximately 20 liters carbonated sparkling water.

From each bottle you will get variety flavors. The bottle are plastic lid. It is a great product with no carbs, no sugar and all natural sweetener. If you are a fan of sodo, that is file this flavor is for you.

  • Natural, no artificial unsweetened flavor
  • Flavors with SodaStream soda makers carbonating bottles
  • Economical size of flavor is better than bottle soda
  • 20 liters sparkling water using one package
  • 3 different flavors include in one package

SodaStream Cranberry Raspberry Zero Calorie Syrup

SodaStream Cranberry Raspberry Zero Calorie Syrup specially those person who are in died. HFCS and Aspartame is not included with this flavor. This natural flavor is totally caffeine free. Cranberry Raspberry flavor will give you total home-made sodastream flavor. It is 0 calories with natural sweet, fizz and guilt free.

You can make 9 liters carbonated water using one bottle package.

  • No artificial color or flavor
  • Totally caffeine free
  • HFCS or Aspartame free
  • It is 0 calories per serving
  • 9 liters flavored carbonated water with one bottle

Where to buy sodastream flavours?

Where to buy sodastream flavor – yes, I will say Amazon will be the best place to buy sodastream flavor. And why you buy from here. Because from my personal experience from last 3 months I buy sodastream flavors Amazon. Obviously, their shipping system is very good and their product price is reasonable. You can also return your product, if you don’t choice this. And they and trusted customer reviews, which is an addition point for us.

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