Sodastream Play Review 2020 (Best Sparkling Water Maker)

Hey, are you looking for Sodastream Play review? The Sodastream Play is a simple and lightweight home soda maker machine. The machine easy to make your own sparkling water within few seconds. Few different features make this different from others. I share with you my personal experience in this machine.

Traveling is my favorite hoppy. I love to take sparkling water in traveling time. So I choose this soda maker to make my own sparkling water. This machine is made with 100% plastic which is excellent for travelling.

By the way, let’s discuss details on the soda maker. What you will get with the machine? After unbox the machine you will get 1 liter BPA-free reusable plastic carbonating bottle, 15L mini CO2 carbonator cylinder bottle and six different flavor samples.

The sodastream bottle is reusable so you can use this so many time. I use this last one year. But need to clean this bottle regularly. Using the starter carbonator you can make up to 15 liters sparkling water. Sodastream Play is compatible with 0.5 liter and 1 liter bottles. It is also fits for 60 liter and 130 liter carbonators.

This machine has no LED indicator to track carbonation. However, I give you a technique to understand carbonation limit. Press the button, for lightly fizzed water wait 1-2 seconds, press second time for “medium fizz” sparkling water and press third time for “high fizz”. But remember every time don’t press more than 1-2 seconds.

Sodastream plays has some different and unique features. Those make your sparkling water making process so easy. To enjoy interesting non-alcoholic drinks follow those steps. Specially, snap-lock bottle mechanism and auto-lift slider (which allows for one motion carbonation) makes this machine unique.

Sodastream Play Review – At a Glance

Product TitleSodastream PLAY Soda Maker Starter Kit
Features• LED Fizz indicator light
• Simple and modern design
• Automatic bottle locking
• BPA free plastic bottle
Weight6.7 pounds
CO2 Compatibility 60L and 130L
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Key Features of Sodastream PLAY Soda Maker Starter Kit

Starter Carbonator:

Unbox the Sodastream Play machine. You will get a starter CO2 cylinder carbonator bottle. The carbonator is 15 liters. Using the carbonator bottle it is possible to make up to 15 liters sparkling water. You can buy a new cylinder bottle or to reuse you can refill the carbonator bottle.

Home soda maker:

Sodastream Play Soda Maker Started Kit is a stylish and lightweight home soda machine. That make with a great design adjust with your home kitchen. I like this for simple design and use as my home soda maker and enjoy carbonate sparkling water.

Include Sodamix flavors:

With the Sodastream Play machine I got 6 sodamix flavors. Those all flavors has different test. Those flavors are Sodastream Orange, Diet Colo, Diet Pink Grapefruit, Root Beer, Lemon-Lime and Energy.

Reusable carbonating bottle:

A 1 liter BPA free plastic reusable carbonating bottle includes with the Sodastream Play machine. I am using the sodastream carbonating bottle from last year.

sodastream play flavor

Snap-lock bottle mechanism system:

Snap-lock bottle mechanism system is a modern feature of Sodastream Play machine. Just move forward to the machine with the bottle it will be snap lock. So need the screw the bottle. I used different sodastream machine and face problem in screw the bottle. Sometimes if I couldn’t screw the bottle properly it will not carbonate properly.

Auto-lift slider:

Auto-lift slider system is also a new and great feature of Sodastream Play machine. I am not seen before this kind of feature in any other sodastream machine. It helps to make sparkling water within few seconds. However, use those features and enjoy your sparkling water.


The soda maker has 3-years warranty. This long term warranty was not in other soda maker machine. Only this machine give 3 years warranty.

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  • Compatible with 60L and 130L carbonators
  • Compatible with 0.5 liter and 1 liter bottles
  • Snap-lock bottle mechanism system
  • Auto-lift slider, its allows for one motion carbonation
  • 3-year limited warranty


  • It has snap-lock bottle mechanism syslem
  • 6 sodastream sodastream flavors are included
  • It has an automatic slider
  • 1L carbonating bottle and 12L started carbonator included
  • Reusable BPA free sodastream bottle


  • No LED indicator


Q: Included flavors are different flavor or same?

A: Those 6 Sodastream flavor are different flavor with different test.

Q: Can I use here ½ Liter sparkling water bottle?

A: Yes, you can use here both 1 liter and ½ liter sparkling water bottle.

Q: How much sparkling water I can make with included CO2 carbonator?

A: You can make up to 15 liters carbonate sparkling water.

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How to use Sodastream Play?

I will discuss here step by step process set up and how to use Sodastream Play. Going to discuss setup process. First of all unbox the soda maker. You will get three things with the machine 1 liter reusable carbonate bottle, six soda flavor sample and one mini CO2 carbonator.

First of all lay the soda maker on its back with the carbonator. Remove the seal and unscrew the cap of the carbonator. Insert the carbonator into the soda maker and screw into the place. Please don’t use any tools for this process and if the sodamaker is not on its back the carbonator can’t be inserted.

To insert 130L carbonator remove adaptor collar base of the unit. The machine is now ready to make your favorite sparkling water.

Fill the carbonating bottle with pure water up to the fill line. Angle and push the bottle up and the snap-lock catch the bottle. If the bottle set properly there will be a gap between the bottle and bottom point to the machine. Please check the bottle is firmly in proper place before carbonating.

Then push down the carbonating block for 1-2 seconds. Repeat once for light fizz, twice for medium fizz and three times for hard fizz. That’s it, your sparkling water is ready to add flavor. Release bottle from the snap-lock. I discuss about Sodastream Play flavor below point.

Sodastream Play Flavor

It is time to add your best sodastream flavors into carbonating water. Place your sodastream cap top on the bottle and press. There is another way to mix flavor. Pour capful of sodamix while holding bottle at an angle and shake the bottle gently.

Final Verdict:

Hope you enjoy sparkling water with Sodastream Play. From my personal experience I confirm it will fulfill your sparkling water demand. On the other hand, this soda machine is long lusting and it have 3 years warranty.

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