Sodastream Reviews in 2018 (Top 10 Best Sodastream Ultimate Guides)

Are you looking for best sodastream reviews? Here I discuss on top 10 best soda maker reviews of recent market from our user experience. I am a soda lover. You also like soda and make this at your home. So I like to make my own soda in an eco-friendly way at my home.

So that, it saves my money and time both. I use so many soda makers in last year and get a great knowledge on sodastream reviews. There are so many soda makers available in market, some of them are so good and some of them are so very bed. So if you a newbie and if you don’t try different best soda maker. It will be the great post for you to find out you cheap sodastream.

Best Sodastream Model Comparison – Ultimate Guide to SodaStream Reviews

ImageSodaStreamWeightEditor's RatingProduct Link
SodaStream Fizzi ReviewSodaStream Fizzi Sparkling Water Maker6.7 pounds3.9
SodaStream Genesis ReviewSodaStream Genesis Sparkling Water Maker6.8 pounds4.1
SodaStream Crystal Sparkling Water MakerSodaStream Crystal Sparkling Water Maker5 Kg4.2
SodaStream Source ReviewSodaStream Source Sparkling Water Maker Starter Kit7.73 pounds3.8
SodaStream Jet ReviewSodaStream Jet Sparkling Water Maker Starter Kit4.93 pounds3.7
Sodastream Fountain Jet Soda MakerSodastream Fountain Jet Soda Maker Starter Kit6.5 pounds4.3
SodaStream Power Automatic Sparkling Water Maker SodaStream Power Automatic Sparkling Water Maker3 Kg3.9
SodaStream Jet Starter Kit ReviewSodaStream Jet Starter Kit, White 6.45 pounds3.5
kitchenaid sparkling beverage maker reviewKitchenAid KSS1121ER Sparkling Beverage Maker17 pounds4.1
Drinkmate Carbonator reviewDrinkmate Beverage Carbonation Maker with 3 oz Cylinder9 Pounds4.3

Top 10 Best Sodastream Reviews

Our research team spend more than one month to research in best sodastream reviews and consumer soda maker reviews. There are different types of sodastream model on the basis of consumer test. The sodastream source is the best soda maker for next generation. If you don’t like plastic, the penguin and crystal model are for you.

SodaStream Genesis Review – Sparkling Water Maker, Black and Silver

The Sodastream Genesis Sparkling Water Maker is a perfect design for sodastream customer. It is design with an eyes-looking modern twist on a ‘soda fountain’ look. This soda maker is perfect a busy sodastream consumer. The fun pumping action is an important feature of this soda stream. It is combined with the original buzz and sound long-time users prefer, otherwise this is a must have.

Sodastream Genesis Sparkling water is a great accessory of your kitchen. It will slender elegance and bring the sleek of the Genesis into your house. I really enjoy the sparkling drink. There are some awesome features which make this so important. Those kit includes – 60 Liter main-in rebate, 1 Liter BPA-Free Reusable Carbonating Bottle, one Genesis sparkling water maker and one mini CO2 carbonator. It has two reusable, one liter BPA free carbonating bottles with fizz preserving caps.

PROS: This kites includes (2) 1 liter BPA free carbonating bottle and 1 mini CO2 carbonator. The included bottle is reusable and with the mini gas cylinder it makes up to 9 liter sparkling water. The twist lock technology system make this soda maker so much unique. 

CONS: Flavor syrup is not included in this machine.

  • Product dimensions: 9.2 x 5.3 x 16.4 inches
  • Product weight: 6.8 pounds
  • Light weight awesome sleep design
  • Twist-lock modern technology.
  • Doesn’t require to use electricity or batteries.
  • The CO2 carbonator compatibility is 60L.
  • It is exchanged at several of your favorite retailers.
  • The carbonating bottle compatibility is 1L PET, 1L Source, 0.5L Source.

Is it possible to use 130L cylinder on this Genesis Sparkling Water Maker model?

No, you can use only 60L cylinder for this model soda maker. There are so many different sodastream model you can check those.

Is the 60L cylinder re-useable?

Yes, it is so very important feature of soda stream. You can refill the cylinder and it is re-useable.

How much time I have to push the button?

You have to push the button several times. After hear 3 Loud voice, then you will understand this is ready for you. If you want your water very carbonated, just push the button for a few times more.

Can I carbonation the water more or less fizzy?

Yes, you can carbonation the water more or less fizzy. If you need fizzier, just push the button more times.

SodaStream Crystal Sparkling Water Maker Reviews – Black and Silver

The Crystal Home Soda stream has a unique design. It is a stylish, simple and compact home carbonation machine. The special feature is no electricity and batteries required. You can spark water anytime. And required to mix your favorite flavor. Just push on the machine and ready our sparkling water.

SodaStream introduce this soda maker machine with a new model. Usually soda maker made with BPA-free reusable plastic bottle, but it made with glass carafes. Specially three features of this home soda maker apart from other Soda maker machine – Glass Bottles, Mettles Bottle Holder and Automatic Bottle Locking.

Frist one is glass carafes. Most other model of sodastream use plastic bottle, but the crystal sparkling water maker use glass carafes. Basically, it is going to positive of our environment. By the way, this soda machine saves up to 2000 bottles and cans a year, which included reusable plastic BPA-free carbonating. Product dimensions is 28 x 19 x 44 cm and the item weight is 4 kg.

PROS: This machine is come with very unique design. It saves up to 1300 bottles and cans per year and reduces use of plastic bottle. This sodastream includes (1) 0.6 glass bottle and 60 liter carbonator. Safe to use and also 2 years warranty. Which is usable for long term.

CONS: The capacity of carbonating water is 0.6 liter.

  • Comes with a carbonating glass carafe and 60L gas cylinder
  • It has a carbonates compatible glass carafes.
  • Stylish, simple and eyes-looking design
  • Automatically locks the bottle into place
  • No batteries or electricity required
  • Mettles bottle holder

Does this machine have main power or batteries?

No, this machine has no main power or batteries. It is not required to use batteries and electricity. It is and important features of this soda maker machine.

Only glass bottle is fit for this soda water machine?

Yes, you can use here only glass bottle. Only glass bottle is recommended here. Please don’t try any other plastic bottle for safety purpose.

Which bottle is better? Glass bottle or plastic bottle?

Absolutely, glass bottle is best for this.

SodaStream Source Review – Sparkling Water Maker Starter Kit

The SodaStream Source Sparkling Water Maker is really slim looking machine.  It looks very awesome for it brushed aluminum, simple and clean design. With the soda maker you will get two one-liter bottle. Those bottles are brushed aluminum in bottom and top chip which is completely cool and re-usable. It is the big point of the sodastream.

In this soda maker you will get also twelve different flavor soda which give you different test. There is also a re-useable CO2 carbonator bottle which is save your money. Some awesome kit includes: one source sparkling water maker, one 60L mail-in rebate, one liter BPA-free reusable source carbonating bottle and mini CO2 carbonator.

LED fizz indicator is the great feature of the soda machine. You get 3 LED indicator one, three and five. If you like light carbonation just push and wait for single light up, for medium carbonation wait for three light up and if you want deep carbonation wait for five light up. The important and interesting this is for this process no electricity; batteries or external power is recommended. Snap-lock bottle technology will help you to catch the bottle in the point.

The bottom line is the source sparkling water maker starter kit is looks really awesome, cool, unique and classic design. You can test carbonating sparkling water, classic soda or different types of flavor.

PROS: You can enjoy your soda water within 30 seconds. With 60L cylinder bottle makes up to 12 liter or 33 cans sparkling water. No power is required to make sparkling water. It has snap lock system. Enjoy sparkling water with different flavors. After mix the flavor just shake it. It is easy to clean up.

CONS: The LED indicator doesn’t light up the first time.

  • LED fizz indicator
  • Snap-lock bottle technology
  • No external power, electricity or batteries required
  • 60L CO2 carbonator compatibility
  • 1L PET, 0.5L Source carbonating bottle compatibility

What is the dimension of this soda maker?

The dimension of this product is 10 x 5.5 x 17 inches

What is the weight of this machine?

The weight of this machine is 7.73 pounds.

What is the importance of the LED indicator?

LED indicator it the exclusive feature of this sodastream. The indicator will tell you about carbonating water and you will carbonate water as your test level.

Is the snap-lock bottle technology safe for me?

Yes, the snap-lock is safe for you. Because you don’t need any extra handle for this.

SodaStream Jet Reviews – Sparkling Water Maker Starter Kit

The SodaStream Jet Sparkling Water Maker is made with a simple design concept. This Jet Sparkling Water Maker is a lightweight, simple and compact home carbonation machine. Who loves simple design this water machine is perfect for them.

Sodastream designed many simple model home water makers. This one is an older model. But I like this soda maker, it is so very easy to make sparkling water. Just push and ready my sparkling water. It uses made with BPA-free plastic bottles.

Not so much extra feature is included here. Those specific features are included here – One Jet sparkling water maker, one mini CO2 carbonator gas bottle, one 1L BPA-free reusable jet carbonating bottle and one 60L main-in rebate.

When you carbonate your water here is a twist lock technology which will help you. It doesn’t require extra external power, batteries and electricity. This Jet Sparkling water maker is 10 x 5.5 x 17 inches. And the weight is 4.93 pounds.

You will get this within a cheap price. If you a single men and you need a lightweight best sodastream I think it is the best option to buy.

PROS: Lightweight simple design, cheap cost and easy to use this best soda maker.

CONS: There is no extra-ordinary feature. It is a little critical to understand the sound of proper carbonation. Sometime you may confuse.

  • Compatible with different bottle sizes
  • Lightweight simple design
  • Black, cherry red and silver multiple color available.
  • Easy twist lock technology is available
  • 15000 locations with mail-in-rebate in the box
  • Sparkling water specialist support in all time.

What is SodaStream Jet Sparkling Water Maker?

Jet Sparkling Water Maker is a machine for make fezzi soda water. Simple 3 push and it will ready carbonator water for you.

Is this soda maker is enough for one family?

Yes, it is enough for one family.

Sodastream Fountain Jet Soda Maker Starter Kit

The Sodastram Fountain Jet Soda Maker is one of my favorite soda maker. It will save your money and time both. If you like to drink carbonating water just push a button and you will get your favorite carbonating water within 30 seconds. You will get everything here to turn your water into sparkling water – it is a small process.

You get this Fountain jet soda maker with a CO2 cylinder. It is possible to make 60 liters of sparkling water. The CO2 cylinder is reusable. You can reuse this cylinder or exchange this cylinder easily. So it will decrease your cost and save your money. There is no batteries or electricity required so you can use this in your kitchen or outdoor. You also can use this in RVs and boats and can enjoy your journey. The reusable carbonating bottles will be use in last for three years with hermetically sealed caps to keep drinks fizzy and fresh.

The sodastream also offer you different flavor to test. If you want you can make fizzy water, it also offers 25 flavors, energy, caffeine-free flavors and diet of syrup.

PROS: If you want to safe your money and time and want to get sparkling water within 30 seconds this soda maker is for you. And you can enjoy our journey with the soda maker. The sodamaker size is 16.7 x 5.3 x 7.9 inches and weight is 2.58 pounds.

CONS: It is strongly restricted for Catalina Island. And the jet soda maker is also not sale for this area.

  • BPA-free plastic bottle.
  • Multiple color options – silver/black
  • Only 30 seconds need to sparkling water
  • Keeps drinks fizzy and fresh
  • You can test different flavor – energy, diet, syrup and caffeine-free flavors.

Can I buy extra carbonating bottles?

Yes, you can buy extra carbonating bottle. Buy you have to see for adjust the bottle in the water machine.

How can I clean my carbonating bottle?

Just keep soda and clean your carbonating bottle like other. No need to see special care.

SodaStream Power Automatic Sparkling Water Maker – Black

SodaStream Power Automatic Sparkling water maker is an electric soda maker. This is simple but awesome design. It is not complete design, just sleek and minimalist design of the sodastream source. Just touch of a button and enjoy fresh sparkling water on tap within few seconds.

This soda maker is powered by electricity. Automatic sparkling water making is an extra ordinary feature of this water machine. Specially this feature apart this from other sodastream machine. On the other sodastream machine people sometime confused, how much time they have to push for proper carbonating water.

There are 3 LED light indicator. 1st one is for light carbonating water, 2nd one is for medium carbonating water and 3rd one is for high carbonating water. So, no need to think about the push time. Just push and make your carbonating water as your test.

You also get a 60L reusable and exchangeable cylinder gas and 1L BPA-free carbonating bottle. Which will sate up to 2000 bottles and cans per year, it is a positive sign for our environment.

PROS: Led light indicator will help you to make sparkling water. So, you no need to think about how much item I have to push for proper test. Automatic snap-lock mechanism to secure carbonating bottle is also important feature. Just swift single push motion.

CONS: Electric power supply is recommended here. You can’t use this soda machine without electric power.

  • LED light indicator.
  • Automated carbonation system
  • Snap-lock mechanism to secure carbonating bottle in swift single-push motion
  • Sleek and minimalist award-winning design.
  • 60L gas cylinder included
  • 1L BPA-free carbonating bottle included. Which keep drinks fizzy for longer.
  • Sparkling water within a second

Is Sodastream healthier than regular soda?

Obviously, Sodastream is healthier than regular soda. In best soda maker there is no sugar and it is just sparkling water.

How long have to hold down sodastream?

You have to hold down the sodastream normally for 10 seconds. If you need extra carbonating just push it for more time. But in this soda maker carbonating system is automatic. You don’t need to think about this.

SodaStream Jet Starter Kit Review

The SodaStream Jet Started Kit is now popular in soda and seltzer lovers. The soda, fizz and seltzer lovers can enjoy a bevy of fizzy sparkling flavor at home while reducing their environmental impact. SodaStream Amazon is now a worldwide brand, it introduced with Jet Started Kit. Without electricity, external power and batteries you will get carbonating water within 30 seconds and no need to clean up.

No recommended electricity or batteries, so you can carry this if you journey in outside of home. You can use this soda maker in kitchen, on the boat or R.V. or and outdoors on your deck or patio. It is easy to carry and easy to use. Just have to follow simple process to get your favorite carbonating water.

With the soda maker you will get some important kit equipment – plastic carbonating bottle, 1 CO2 cylinder and soda maker. It also keeps our environment save from waste. The bottle is reusable for so many times. If you want, you also can replace with new one.

For deferent test you can use 25 kinds of flavor, diet and caffeine free flavours of syrup. You will get the flavor everywhere. The product dimension is 9 x 6 x 17 inches and item weight is 6.45 pounds.

PROS: You can carry this best soda maker with you in your journey time. I specially like this water maker for this and easy to enjoy my party.

CONS: Extra bottle is not included here. If you need you have to buy this form outside market. It is not sale for in Catalina island.

  • One BBA-free plastic bottle
  • 60L carbonator gas cylinder
  • Great testing sparkling water
  • Take less than 30 seconds for carbonating water
  • No extra power, electricity or batteries required
  • Great for using in outside, RVs and boats

Can I use SodaStream to carbonate juice?

It will better if you carbonate the water and mix it juice flavor. For safety purpose don’t carbonate juice directly.

How do you know when your sodastream is out of CO2?

When you press if you see no gas is insert into the water and no sound is created. Than you will understand your sodastream is out of CO2. And you can check best sodastream in amazon.

KitchenAid KSS1121ER Sparkling Beverage Maker

KitchenAid KSS1121ER Sparkling Beverage Maker is a modern sodastream. KitchenAid design this soda maker for the modern kitchen. I like this so much. My search team spend so much time to research this water maker and  sodastream. All awesome features are included here.

The Sparkling Beverage Maker made with premium die cast metal housing. The carbonation level with soft grip handle make the design simple but gorgeous.

The sparking water process is very easy, just fill the bottle with fresh tap water than fizz up the carbonation water in your test level. Just simply add your favorite flavor and enjoy the carbonation water as your choice.

This sodastream made with premium die cast metal housing so it is easy to clean and strong. An another awesome feature is soft grip handle. There is a meter which will help you to measure your carbonation test. The soft grip handle has four settings. So you can test this from different angle.

KitchenAid Sparkling Beverage Maker is so popular because of its different flavor. There are over 60 sodastream flavors available. So you can test different flavors as your wish. And you can also add here new flavor. The weight of this item is 17 pounds and size is 11 x 7.9 x 17.9 inches.

PROS: The meter and handle will help you to measure your test level. You can add carbonation level as your test. So just fizz up the sparkling water into your desired level.

CONS: The sodastream is a little big. So it is a little hard to carry in the outside of home. You can’t carry it in your journey.

  • 60L CO2 gas cylinder tank
  • 1 liter BPA-free reusable bottle included
  • Carbonation level with a soft grip handle
  • 60 flavors included with the sodastream product
  • Engineered, Designed and assembled in Greenville, Ohio
  • Easy to clean and use.

Are carbonated drinks bad for me?

If you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), please Don’t drink sparkling water (or any other carbonated beverages).

Is carbonated water help me to weight loss?

If you test sugar free flavor, carbonated water will help you to weight loss.

Drinkmate Beverage Carbonation Maker with 3 oz Cylinder, Black

The carbonating water lovers really loves the Drinkmate Beverage Carbonation Maker. This carbonating water maker is the world first carbonation system. It is a small and pretty simple design. It can sparkle every kinds of drink which you like. If you want you can sparkle lemonade, wine, tea, apple cider, flat beer, cocktails and so many things. It is so very user friendly.

The Drinkmate is small size. So you can setup this water machine in any corner of your kitchen. It is easy to clean and use, no external power, batteries or electricity required. You can fizz and carbonate the water as your test level and the maximum control power is in your hand.

It is a popular feature of this soda maker. You can carbonate any drink and test any flavor there is no limitation. If you want to test fresh fizz carbonating drink and want to get new test this is for you.

Most of brand carbonators are 3.0 oz and 14.5 oz which is familiar with Drinkmate. So many kits features are included here – 1 0.5L BPA-free bottle, one Drinkmate Spritzer maker, two 3 oz cylinders and one Fizz-Infuser.

This soda maker is useable in outdoor. You can carry this in your camping, traveling, family tour, tailgating or anywhere. Because it is small size, for that easy to carry. Just store this anytime anywhere of your home. It is fit in every place.

PROS: The main thing is, you can sparkle any kind of drink here as you like – wine, water, soda, tea, juice lemonade etc. Also test multiple flavor.

CONS: It is so very small and a little expensive. It is perfect for a small family not for a big family.

  • Two release button to get better control
  • Patented detachable fizz infuser
  • Easy to clean, use and operate
  • Quick connect BPA-free bottle
  • Usable in outdoor
  • Sparkle every kinds of drink
  • Smaller footprint saves counter space.

Why do people like to drink sparkling water?

People like to drink sparkling water because it is cost consuming and you can add flavor as your test.

Where can I buy sodastream?

For sodastream amazon is the best place to buy. There is so many customers sodastream reviews.

SodaStream Fizzi Review – Sparkling Water Maker, Red

The SodaStream Fizzi Sparkling Water Maker helps you to turn your water into sparking water within seconds. If you love sparking water you will love this soda maker. It has included all modern features for a modern kitchen.

SodaStream engineered design this in their own lab. It is easy to use and quick to sparkling water. The clips bottle system is simple and user friendly. The engineer design this soda maker with the modern kitchen design, travel in mind and dorm room. Buy the way, some additional important elements are included here.

Those are

  • A 60 liter CO2 Carbonator mail-in rebate.
  • 1L BPA-Free Reusable source carbonating bottle
  • One latest Fizzi Sparkling Water Maker
  • Mini CO2 Carbonator which makes up to 9L of sparking water.

SodaStream is the manufactured of this soda machine. The product dimension is 5.5 x 8 x 17.5 inches and the width is 6.1 pounds.

PROS: The CO2 carbonator bottle can be exchanged from several retailers. The included bottle is reusable and BPA free. It is light weight sleek design. Snap-lock technology makes this machine so very easy. It doesn’t require batteries and electricity. Those features really makes this machine different from others.

CONS: This machine is not compatible with 130L CO2 conbonator cylinder.

  • With Snap-lock technology it is light weight design.
  • Don’t need to use batteries and electricity
  • Four important kits include
  • It has carbonating bottle compatibility – 0.5L Source, 1L PET, 1L Source

Can I use the liter bottles from other soda makers?

No, you only can use the liter bottle for sodastream. Because, SodaStream Sparkling water maker are only make compatible with the sodastream bottle.

Can I use fruit juice and any other flavor with this?

You can only add the fruit juice to already sparkling and carbonated water if you link. But you can’t mix the fruit juice or any other flavor directly with the machine or in sparkling time.

Can I use glass bottle or any other glass bottle in Sodastream Fizzi?

It is not safety to use glass bottle. SodaStream Fizzi Sparkling Water Maker provides 1L plastic bottle. So it is better if you use this recommended bottle.

How to use SodaStream?

The use of sodastream is very easy. There are several model of sodastream. You can use the all model easily, because the basic is same. Those steps are

  1. Fill the bottle with pure drinking water
  2. Adjust the bottle with sodastream
  3. Than push the carbonating water bottom
  4. Push it only for three time and fizz the water as your test level
  5. Mix your favorite flavor with carbonating water.

Best way to clean Sodastream bottle

It is pretty easy to clean sodastream bottle. But you have to see first what kinds of bottle you get with your sodastream. Most of sodastream model give us one or two bottle. The great things is the bottles are reusable. So it is hassle-free. But you have to clean the sodastream bottle regularly. It is so very simple.

  • Put sod washing powder in a jar.
  • Mix-it up with your hand.
  • Put down your bottle
  • Than take few minutes
  • Wash and dry it

If the bottle is glass, you have to wash those bottle a little carefully. If you want, you can wash it with hot water and dish soap.

Sodastream save your money and healthier you

How sodastream save your money? It is a little interesting. Most of people spent much money behind to take soft drink. If we calculate this amount, it will be a big amount at the end of the month.

The sodastream is for them who wants to save money. It is so cheap in price. The gas cylinder and bottle are reusable. Most of the sodastream model are not required electricity or batteries. So there is no hassle to make sparkling water. Just push and within few seconds your carbonating water is ready to drink.

Now how sodastream healthier you. Here we discuss details on sodastrem reviews. At present, in market most of the soft drink has huge sugar. It is really harmful for our health. Sodastream sparkling water is less sugar.

How sodastream protect and reduce impact on the Environment

Most of the several soda maker has one or two reusable 1L bottle. We know plastic bottle and cans are harmful for our environment. The reusable bottle helps us to decrease plastic bottle and can.

It is run in a recycling program; it is so easy to replace or refill CO2 carbonating gas cylinder.

We and the author tried to give you a total idea of best soda stream. Hope from top 10 best soda maker you can choose your sodastream amazon. For this total post you get a total idea on best sodastream reviews.

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Emily - September 8, 2018

Hi Kathy thanks for your a long review. Really it is a very informative content. From few days I am looking for a good sodastream. After read your review I get a sort list to choose my sparkling water maker. I was in a little confusion to choose sodastream. Can you please tell me which machine of them will be best for me?

    Kathy Smith - September 16, 2018

    Your are most welcome. Thanks for your opinion. You can try here Sodastream Fizzi or Sodastream Source sparkling water maker.

Steven - September 8, 2018

Last week I buy SodaStream Crystal Sparkling water maker. After buy this, I notice the bottle capacity is only 0.6 liter. But I want to make more sparkling water in once time. 0.6 liter sparkling water is very little for me. So I want to increase the volume. Can I use large bottle here to increase the capacity of sparkling water?

    Kathy Smith - September 16, 2018

    You can’t use here more than this. Because the capacity is limited. You have to use 0.6 liter bottle. If you want large capacity you can try another machine. Thanks

Katherine - September 8, 2018

I use sodastream machine in my office for sparkling water. But I don’t the approximate time of sodastream carbonator how long does it last? Sometime I confused about this. Few days ago I make 1 liter sparkling water. But within few hours it turn into like normal water. Can you please tell me how does it last?

Emma - September 8, 2018

From this list SodaStream Fizzi is my favorite machine. Last year I use KitchenAid but I didn’t get enough comfort. After use this one year I order Sodastream Fizzi. By the way, to read your post I choice another soda maker for my home its Sodastream source. I like this soma machine so much. It is in my second list of my buying.

    Kathy Smith - September 16, 2018

    Hi Emma, thanks for your opinion. Yes, Sodastream Source is really a good soda machine. I also use this in my home. Hope you feel comfort to use this. Thank you.

Hannah - September 8, 2018

I read your whole review. And hope you list here top product of the market. I choose my best product from this list but my budget is limit. Actually I am looking for check sodastream. I already choose some sodastream in cheap price. But the quality is not good. Can you please suggest a soda maker in cheap rate?

Morgan - September 9, 2018

I am really think about BPA free carbonate bottle. With all soda maker machine they provide a bottle. But I am a little confused about that are those carbonator bottle are BPA free. Some of them say those are BPA free. But I don’t get enough information about this.

    Kathy Smith - September 13, 2018

    Hi Morgan, don’t so worry about this. Most of the manufacturer provide BPA free carbonate bottle with soda maker machine. In this post I write review on some sodastream machine. Those bottles are BPA free. You can try those carbonate bottle for ensure. Thank you.

Timothy - September 9, 2018

I use SodaStream Jet in my home. But I am facing a little problem with sodastream bottle. After use few days it’s dusty. But I want to use this bottle until expiration. So I am to clean the bottle for reuse. But I don’t find any proper source to do this.

    Kathy Smith - September 12, 2018

    Hi, thanks for your query. I hope you will get a solution in my post. See the bottom section of the post. You can see step by step guideline of how to clean your sodastream bottle. If you have any other query please feel free to ask. Thank you

Brianna - September 9, 2018

Can I use my favorite flavor in sparkling water? I get a six pack sodastream flavor with my machine. I mix those with my sparkling water and finish those. Now I want to mix my favorite flavor. So many different sodastream flavors are available in market.

    Kathy Smith - September 11, 2018

    Hi Brianna, thanks for your query. Yes, you can add your favorite sodastream flavor in sparkling water.

Ellen - September 9, 2018

Thanks for awesome sharing. I used several sodastream model. But I didn’t get good result. They didn’t give me good sparkling water. So I am looking for real customer review. At last today, I get your post and get enough knowledge on soda maker. I really appreciate it. Thanks again for your sharing.

    Kathy Smith - September 11, 2018

    Hi Ellen thanks for your opinion. I really appreciate this. If you need to know any query feel free to ask. Thank you.

Mattewa - September 9, 2018

I use Sodastream Power water maker. When I bought the soda maker I get a 60L CO2 cylinder bottle. I want to reuse this. The seller tell me that the carbonator is reusable. But I don’t know from where have to refill the carbonator bottle. It will be easy for me if the refill place is near me.

    Kathy Smith - September 10, 2018

    SodaStream Power Water Maker is a useful machine. I also use this machine. It is my favorite in my list. You can refill the CO2 cylinder bottle from any family store.


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