Sodastream Source Review 2021 (Best Sparkling Water Maker)

Hey, are you going to buy sodastream source? From last one year I use this machine in my home. And I try my best to provide you best information on sodastream source review.

Come to the point, there are so many soda makers available in market. But why I choice this? Some of its awesome features make this unique from other machine. Sodastream source model has so many important feature that will improve your soda experience.

What I get with sodastream source machine? When you unbox the machine you will get – 1 liter BPA free reusable carbonating bottle and a mini CO2 carbonator cylinder bottle. The water bottle is reusable upto three years and with the mini carbonator makes up to 9 liter sparkling water.

I tried to use 130L carbonator cylinder in this machine. But the compatibility is up to 60L. So you can use up to 60L cylinder bottle in this machine. I think 60L is enough for a little family. I make more than 60 liter sparkling water with one cylinder. So I think it is enough for me. Buy the way, the carbonating bottle compatibility is 1L PET, 1L source and 0.5L Source.

Some features which make this machine separate from others. One is LED fizz indicator and the other one is snap-lock bottle technology. Obviously, those are very unique features. The other important think, which make me so happy there is no electricity or battery required.

Sodastream Source Review – At a Glance

Product TitleSodastream Source Sparkling Water Maker
Features• LED Fizz indicator light
• Simple and modern design
• Automatic bottle locking
• BPA free plastic bottle
Weight7.73 pounds
CO2 Compatibility 60L
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Key Features of SodaStream Source Sparkling Water Maker

LED indicator light:

LED indicator light which separate this sodastream machine from all model of sodastream in the market. It is so very useful and effective features. It is the common question of maximum sodastream user – How long to press sodastream button? The LED indicator solve this problem.

I like this sodastream model specially for this feature. There is three level LED indicator soft, medium and hard. If you like soft carbonate water just press the button and wait for on the 1st LED indicator, accordingly press the button for medium and hard as your test level.

It’s really helpful for users. Most of the user confused about the press time. Obviously it is a proper solution and a great feature of this machine.

Snap-lock Bottle Technology:

Snap-lock bottle technology system is also a great feature of this model. Snap-lock bottle technology makes this soda maker user friendly. Sometimes it a little critical to screw the bottle into the machine and doesn’t adjust with machine perfectly. But now, this system makes the process easy. Just fil your bottle and lock with soda machine.

Carbonation control system:

I like this machine specially for this system. I see so many customer review. Everybody taking about this system. It was my first choice. So many users confused to mix up the carbonate. But it is clear now how much they have to add and press time of button. Obviously it is a great solution to remove the confusion of users.

Easy to use:

The sodastream source is so very easy to use. Just complete three steps – fil, plug and press. Your sparkling water is ready. First fil the plastic water bottle with water. It is better to use cold water. It has snap lock system so just plug the bottle with the machine no need to screw. Then press the button and your carbonate water is ready to drink.

Reusable carbonate bottle:

You will get a plastic bottle with sodastream source. the carbonate water bottle is BPA free and reusable. In user manual I get this is reusable up to three years. You have another option, there is so many bottle available in market. You also can use those as alternative.

sodastream source flavor

CO2 Cylinder Bottle:

A mini CO2 carbonator cylinder bottle include with the machine. It is not so big but you can make at least 9 liter sparkling water. Upto 60L cylinder bottle is compatible with sodastream source. The bad site is you can’t use 130L cylinder bottle in this machine. Usually I all time use 60L cylinder bottle. It is good enough for me.

Requires No Electricity or Batteries:

No need to think about power supply. No electricity and batteries is required. It works with automatic power system. With the presser of carbonate gas, it creates sparkling water.

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  • LED Fizz indicator light
  • Simple and modern design
  • Automatic bottle locking
  • BPA free plastic bottle


  • No electricity or battery is required
  • Carbonate water as test level
  • No need to screw the bottle
  • Carbonation control system
  • Reusable plastic bottle


  • 130L CO2 cylinder is not compatible


Q: Can I put fruit juice in sodastream source?

A: You can put fruit juice in sparkling water, not in sodastream source machine. First put the carbonate water in a glass and then mix your favorite fruit juice.

Q: Can I carbonate a half bottle at a time?

A: Yes, you can and you also recarbonate the sparkling water.

Q: Can I use here 130L CO2 cylinder.

A: No can’t. This sodastream machine is only compatible with 60L CO2 cylinder.

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How to use sodastream source?

Now I will help you to give some sodastream source instruction. After unboxing the sodastream source machine you have to set up the machine. The setup process is so very easy. Only with 4 steps you can complete this setup.

  1. Remove the back cover and put away from unit
  2. Remove cap from carbonator. Insert the CO2 cylinder into soda maker.
  3. Tight the cylinder until stop it. (Don’t put extra force)
  4. Final step is reinstall the back cover.

After install the sodastream source properly. Now it is time to make sparkling water. I describe details here to make sodastream sparkling water.

  1. Take water up to the fill line in the bottle.
  2. Plug the bottle with the machine and please no need to screw. If you pull it forward will be click with machine.
  3. Press the button in the top of the sodastream source as your teste level. There are three steps of fizzi level – mild fizz, medium fizz and high fizz.
  4. Then release the bottle.
  5. Your carbonated water is ready to drink, just put down it in a glass and add your favorite flavor.

Sodastream source flavors

Your sodastream sparkling water is ready. Now it is time to add sodastream source flavors. Here is so many deferent sodastream flavors available in market – lemon flavor, orange, mango, raspberry fruit, lime fruit, coconut etc. And for diet person Diet cola, Diet Caffeine Free cola, Diet Energy Drink and tons of best sodastream flavor available.

Final Verdict:

The Sodasteam source sparkling water maker is really a hot machine for soda lover. Hope you read the whole Sodastream Source review. In this time, you understand it save your time and money both. I think it is perfect for you to long time use. But choose the sodastream machine and enjoy sparkling water.

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I can find every thing I need to know about the sodastream machine except how much cordial to put into the bottle . How do I measure the right amount to use


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