Tramontina Enameled Cast Iron Covered Skillet Review

Tramontina Enameled Cast Iron Covered Skillet, Gradated cobalt is a contemporary styling cookware with vibrant gradated porcelain – enamel exterior. It’s made of high quality material providing even heat all over its body while cooking. It’s very easy to clean. This pan doesn’t contain PFOA and PTPE. It doesn’t react with the food ingredients that are cooked in it. That means food won’t take any metallic taste. It has got a fine lid that collect and direct vapors into food. It is really compatible with all cooktops. It’s also oven safe up to 460 Degree F. It also has a convenient handle and two pouring lips. It will help in frying, searing, browning on poaching to great extent. This fantastic pan has ability to become a staple in a kitchen.

Key Features of Tramontina Enameled Cast Iron Covered Skillet 10 Inch, Gradated Cobalt

Superior Heat Distribution and Retention

The most important feature of  Covered Skillet wok is its superior heat distribution and retention. It is made with enameled solid cast iron. It offers superior and even heat retention. It absorbs heat very quickly and distributes it to all over the cooking surface. Cooking is very quick and easy using this because of its proper heat retention.

Tramontina Enameled Cast Iron review

Elegant look & Contemporary Style

This skillet has a very elegant look. It’s both interior and exterior are highly decorated. Its vibrant gradated porcelain enamel exterior gives it a contemporary style. Its superior design and structure can make this a beautiful attachment to your kitchen. Even its beautiful and attracting appearance can make this skillet a nice serving option to you and you won’t mind placing it on your dining table.

Beneficial Tight-Fit Lid

Tramontina Enameled Cast Iron Covered Skillet, 10 Inch, Gradated Cobalt has a wonderful tight-fit lid. It’s very beneficial in cooking. The self-basting condensation ridges under the tight fit lid return vapor back onto foods. This vapor makes the food moisty. It’s very essential to have some flavorful dishes. It also reduces cooking time. It securely seals heat and ensures a balanced cooking.

Tramontina Enameled Cast Iron cookware review

Easy Clean Up

The wok has got a matte black porcelain enamel cooking surface which is long durable. Because of this superior quality metal used in the interior, cleaning this skillet is a very easy task. You can easily and effortlessly clean this up. Also food won’t react with the metal and won’t pick any metallic taste. So, you can cook any items you want and can have your desired taste.

Convenient Helper Handle & Pouring Lips

This skillet has got a convenient helper handle and two pouring lips. The handle not only helps in cooking but also helps in serving. It helps move it easy. The pouring lips also make the task of cooking and serving easy. Sometimes cooked ingredients need to be poured into a small pot or into something else which provide a small enter. In that situation these lips can be of a great help.

good wok


Compatible with All Cooktops

This skillet is compatible with all cooktops. It can also be used in oven. It’s completely safe to use in oven upto 450 Fahrenheit. It can also be used on induction. It’s ability to be used on all cooktops and versatility of cooking various products makes it a wonderful pan. So, basically you don’t have to worry for using this pan on any cooktops and can enjoy your cooking freely.


  • Elegant design with vibrant gradated porcelain enamel exterior.
  • Enameled solid cast iron grabs heat quickly.
  • Offers superior heat distribution and heat retention for fast cooking.
  • Measures 17 – ¾ by 10 – 13/16 by 4 – 5/8 Inches.
  • Extraordinary lid seals heat, collect vapor, direct it onto food and moisture food securely.
  • Completely oven-safe upto 450 Degree F.
  • Superior quality interior and very easy cleanable.
  • Useable on all cooktops and provide lifetime warranty.


  • Become hot quickly and make cooking fast.
  • Handles help to move the pan easily.
  • Easy to serve with pouring lips.
  • Very easy to clean.
  • Control food moisture and makes dished flavorful.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q: Can I use this pan on any cooktops?

A: Yes, you can use this pan on any cooktop.

Q: What’s the shape of the bottom?

A: The bottom is flat.

Q: Can I use this in over?

A: Yes, It’s oven safe up to 450 Degree F.

Q: Is this PFOA and PTFE Free?

A: Yes, It’s PFOA and PTFE Free.

Q: Is the cooking surface smooth?

A: Yes, It’s smooth.


Final Verdict

Tramontina Enameled Cast Iron Covered Skillet, 10 Inch, Gradated Cobalt has the ability to become a staple in your kitchen. It will not only help you in cooking your desired dishes perfectly but also will be an attractive addition to your kitchen. It grabs heat fast, cooks fast and offers flavorful dishes. Its tight-fit lid provide moisture to food. Its handle and pouring lips help in serving. All in all, it’s a perfect package. That’s all what I can provide you with about this pan. You can also find more reviews in Amazon. Ask the authority if you’ve gotten any question. I hope this review will be helpful enough to you and you’ll like and buy this good quality wok.

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