Why do SodaStream Bottles Expire (Sodastream Bottle Expiration) 2021

It is a common question of all sodastream lovers – Why do SodaStream Bottles Expire? There are two types of sodastream bottle one is glass bottle and another is plastic bottle. But most of the sodastream carbonating bottle are made with plastic. It is a common question – why do sodastream bottles expire.

Normally we know that, all plastic bottle have an expiration date. There are different quality plastic bottle available in market. Sodastream carbonating bottle is also made with plastic bottle so usually this bottles have an expiration date.

Replacement Sodastream Bottles

The sodastream bottle is continuously carbonate in under pressure. So it is necessary to replace the sodastream bottle every 18 months to 3 years.

The expired date of sodastream bottle will be welly guided in sodastream bottle body. After the first use it is still safe to use for up to 3 years.

By the way, no need to worry so much about this. Usually we don’t use any water bottle more than 6 months to 1 year. And there are so many ready-made sodastream bottle available in local market. You will get the soda maker bottle any family shop your nearby.

Most of the carbonating bottles are made with plastic and some are with glass. You have to replace carbonating glass bottle also. It is a common question-

Are SodaStream plastic carbonating bottles BPA-free?

SodaStream is a worldwide brand. So first of all it ensure its quality to provide best product to consumer. To manufacture carbonating bottle it does not use any harmful material that can produce PCBs or phthalates. And second point is it doesn’t use polycarbonate materials and therefore carbonating plastic bottles are free of chemical compound.

Dodastream bottles dishwasher safe

There are so many way to clean sodastream bottle. But never clean the soda maker bottle in dishwasher. Plastic bottle are not dishwasher safe. If you think – you will can your bottle in the dishwasher you are wrong. Dishwasher are you made for clean sodastream bottle. It is not adjustable with plastic bottle. So, if you want to do this you will lost your dishwasher machine with plastic bottle. So never ever do this.

If you don’t know about the carbonating bottle how old it is. Just see in the bottle body you can see the date is marked “don’t use after”.

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