How To Season Copper Chef Pan: A Step By Step Guide 2021

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Copper chef pan is an advanced nonstick kitchenware that can improve your cooking experience. What sets it apart from other kitchen appliances is its lightweight, non-stick ceramic quality. It’s designed to prevent food from sticking and significantly reduce scratching and scraping.

However, as with other types of kitchenware, copper chef pan calls for additional know-how to maintain its optimal performance. Seasoning your pan is necessary to keep it functioning reliably and consistently. But, what is seasoning and how can you do it?

Read on to get an insight into the proper way of seasoning your copper chef pan.

What is seasoning?

Seasoning a copper chef pan is the process of coating the metal surface with a thin layer of oil to seal small pores and prevent food from sticking. Through seasoning, the minute pores of the rough metal surface are filled with carbonized oil to prevent pitting and rusting.

Treating the surface of your copper chef pan with a stick-resistant coating is mandatory to improve its non-stick properties. It also eliminates uneven spots on the metal surface, thus enhancing longevity and effectiveness of your copper chef pan. This handy seasoning guide shows you how to carry out the exercise quickly, easily, and efficiently.

How to Season Copper Chef Pan: User Guide

There are a couple of things you need to have before you proceed to season your copper chef pan. So, let’s take a look at the things you’ll need before starting the process.

What You Will Need:

i.    Copper chef pan — Of course, you’ll need to have the pan itself in the first place. You’ll have to perform this seasoning process before using your brand new cookware to cook food.

ii.    One tablespoon of your preferred oil — You’re highly recommended to use vegetable oil to coat your non-stick cookware. You only need sufficient oil to lightly coat your pan, not too much of it. Other options that you can use include peanut oil, lard, canola oil or grape seed oil. Never use olive or butter oil because they tend to smoke faster. The rule of thumb is to choose oils with a high smoke point.

iii.    Clean water for rinsing

iv.    Mild dishwashing soap

v.    Paper Towels — You’ll be using paper towels to spread the oil on the surface of your copper chef pan

vi.    Stovetop or Oven

vii.    Soft Cloth — A soft cloth comes in handy when washing the pan gently. You can as well use it to coat the pan with oil. Avoid using those clothes with microfibers, but instead, find those that are soft enough to use on a baby

viii.    Oven Mitts — You’ll utilize oven mitts for safety

The Steps To Follow:

Having ascertained that you have everything you need on the table, the next thing is to embark on actual seasoning process. The process becomes smooth and effective when you have everything readily available and within reach. Enough with that, now let’s focus on seasoning copper chef pan.

Step One: Pre-Wash Your Copper Pan

Wash your pan gently using lukewarm water. Avoid scrubbing it, though. Scrubbing is likely to cause abrasions, especially if your pan is brand new.

Rather than scrubbing, use a soft cloth to mildly lather the pan in the soap. After cleaning, rinse out your pan and allow it a few moments to dry completely. Also, make sure that your pan is free of soap before moving to the next phase. This is to ensure the pan is devoid of harmful chemicals or substances when seasoning.

Step Two: Coat the Pan With Your Desired Oil

Once you’ve thoroughly cleaned your pan and is completely dry, add 2-3 tablespoonful of vegetable oil to its surface. Using your paper towel or a soft cloth spread the oil gently and evenly across the surface of your pan. Cover every surface of the pan, including the sides and the bottom.

Worth noting, you’re advised to make do with a type of oil that does not heat very quickly. Otherwise, it could cause the oil to burn and negate the whole purpose of seasoning a copper chef pan. Also, copper pans don’t demand heavy seasoning, so aim to keep it as light as possible.

Step Three: Heat the Oiled Pan on the Oven or Stovetop

The next step is all about heating your oiled pan. And you’ve got two options here. Depending on your preference, you can either heat your pan on the stovetop or oven. Make sure to use oven mitts when holding the handle of the hot pan.

For those using an oven, preheat your oven up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit and insert your oiled pan in the oven. Allow it to cook for at least 15-20 minutes, and then remove it from the heat.

For those using the stovetop option, on the other hand, set your stovetop to a medium heat before putting the pan on it. Place your pan atop the stove and wait until it begins to smoke. Thereafter, remove it from the heat.

Step Four: Wait, Dry, Use, and Re-season

The fourth and last step involves waiting until all the oil has dried completely. It’s important to wait until the oil has dried. By so doing, all the unevenness of the pan can be sealed properly.

Once the oil has cooled and dried entirely, wipe away the residual oil using a clean cloth. You can as well make do with a paper towel. At this phase, your copper chef pan is ready and you’re free to use it for cooking.

Seasoning your pan at least two times per year is key to maintaining its effectiveness. You can season it every few months to guarantee the best results. Cultivate a habit of seasoning your copper chef pan every often to maintain its integrity and non-stick properties.

Final Thoughts:

Copper chef pan is known for being lightweight, chemicals free, sturdy and resistant. However, even the strongest of pans out there can’t resist negligence. Seasoning your pan is a great way to maintain its durability, functionality, and nonstick properties. Follow these steps to create a layer of protection for your copper chef pan and improve its effectiveness.

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Candy Eve - September 3, 2020

Thank you for this. I season my cast iron with organic palm oil.

I will do this with all my Copper Chef pans and grill accessories Too bad the sales shows and instructions never included that seasoning was required.

I see QVC is no longer selling your product.

I do like the items, and wish I had been informed because a baking pan with the diamond pattern was the first to chip and peel.

My large square 2 handle frypan roaster lost its non-stick after using grapeseed oil to make popcorn.

Hopefully the palm oil at low heat will reseason it.

If you have any suggesstions for replacing the baker or on further repair of the fryer/roaster, please inform me.

Bassmatt - December 29, 2020

I seasoned my Copper square pan @ 500°f for 30 minutes using vegetable oil.

I let it cool down and wiped it down.

Now the inside of the pan feels rough, not smooth like before.

Did I ruin the pan by curing too long at too high a temp?

Thanks much!

Pedro L Jimenez - December 31, 2020

At the time that I seasoning the pan , ¿could I need to cover it with the lid?


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