SodaStream Jet Review 2021 (Best Sparkling Water Maker)

Are you looking for sodastream jet review? Do you want to make your sparkling water within a single press? And then this sodastream machine is for you. This is so very compact and light weight design. The product is can be adjust in any place. It is made with so some awesome features with make this product different from others.

With this soda maker you will get (1) sparkling water maker, (1) mini CO2 carbonator cylinder bottle, (1) 60 liter mail in rebate and (1) 1 liter BPA free reusable carbonating bottle. Using the mini CO2 carbonator bottle you can make up to 9 liter sparkling water.

With the light weight sleek design it has twist lock technology. Twist lock technology makes the sodastream making process so easy.  Another special feature it doesn’t require any batteries or electricity.

Sodastream Jet is compatible with 0.5 liter and 1 liter water bottle and it also compatible with 60L and 130L CO2 cylinder bottle. Most of the soda maker machine don’t compatible with 130L CO2 cylinder bottle.

There is no LED indicator to understand sparkling water fizzi level. And the other cons is there is no snap-lock system in this soda maker machine.

SodaStream Jet Review – At a Glance

Product TitleSodaStream Jet Sparkling Water Maker Starter Kit
Features• Custom carbonation level
• 1 liter BPA free carbonating bottle included
• The water bottle is reusable.
• 1 mini CO2 carbonator included
• 60 liter mail in rebate
Weight4.93 pounds
CO2 Compatibility 60L and 130L
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Key Features of SodaStream Jet Sparkling Water Maker Starter Kit

Light Weight and Modern Design:

Sodastream Jet Sparkling Water Maker Starter Kit is featuring an awesome light weight and modern design. Its simple design makes the product so attractive. It will make your kitchen and home so stylish. I like this soda maker for it awesome design. Sodastream Jet is not so large and not so small. It is in perfect size. Perfect for my kitchen and home.

CO2 Compatibility:

Most of the soda maker is not compatible with 130L CO2 carbonator. But Sodastream Jet is different. This soda maker is compatible with both 60 liters and 130 liters CO2 carbonator cylinder. Specially, this features make this machine different from others. 130L carbonator save your time and money both. You can refill and exchange both 60L and 130L cylinder bottle from the reseller.

sodastream jet flavor

Bottle Compatibility:

Another great feature is you can use 0.5 liter and 1 liter both size bottle in this sparkling water maker. Most of the home soda maker is not compatible with all size of the bottle. This machine helps you to test your own homemade sparkling water.

Twist Lock Technology:

Twist lock technology is available in this SodaStream machine. Using twist lock technology you can easily place and remove the water bottle. It also make your soda making process so easy. This process is safe and secure. Just, twist and screw the bottle with the machine and press your carbonator button. Within a few seconds, your sparkling water is ready to drink.

BPA Free Reusable Bottle:

A 1-liter carbonating bottle includes with the machine. This bottle is made with plastic but it is totally BPA free and reusable. If you want you can buy SodaStream from the market. There is so many bottle available in the market. 1 used this SodaStream bottle for more than one year. Remember that, this water bottle has to clean within few days.

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  • Custom carbonation level
  • 1 liter BPA free carbonating bottle included
  • The water bottle is reusable.
  • 1 mini CO2 carbonator included
  • 60 liter mail in rebate


  • Multiple color available
  • Lightweight design
  • Compatible with multiple bottle sizes
  • Easy to use
  • No power supply required


  • It has no LED indicator


Q: Can I exchange the mini size carbonator with a full size refill?

A: If will depends on store manager. Most of the store manager refuse that. But you can exchange the 60L and 130L carbonator from any place.

Q: How much time I have to press the button for good fizz?

A: No need to see the time. Just press and hold until the bubbles buzzes 3 times. Actually it totally depends on your test level.

Q: Can I use 130L CO2 carbonate bottle in Sodastream Jet?

A: Yes, you can yes here 60L and 130L carbonator both.

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How to use Sodastream Jet?

If you purchase the Sodastream Jet. Then it is time to know how to use Sodastream Jet. I will discuss usage instructions of SodaStream Jet Sparkling Water Maker Starter Kit. If you want to like make your own sparkling water at home just follow those steps.

Press the button on top of the machine and remove the carbonating bottle. Remove the seal from the CO2 bottle and unscrew the cap. Now remove the soda maker back cover safely. Insert the carbonator into the soda maker and screw it into the place. Remember that, don’t use any tools in those process and replace the back cover.

At this time, you are ready to make your own sparkling water at home. Fill the carbonating bottle with the pure water up to the fill line. Use cold water you will get better result. Then press the tab and screw the carbonating bottle into the machine.

In the top of the machine you will get a carbonator button. Press the button for 3 times and it will create a lots of bubbles with sound. For hard fizzi water need additional presses. Don’t add the flavor into the bottle before carbonate.

Sodastream Jet Flavor

Your carbonate water is ready to drink. Just add your favorite flavor before drink. There are over than 100 flavors available in market. From those flavors choose your best sodastream flavor. There is no Sodastream Jet Flavor include with the machine.

You get your flavor. Then mix it, unscrew the bottle and place sodastream cap and press. Or pour capful of sodamix while holding bottle at an angle. Then shake gently the soda bottle.

Final Verdict

I use so many soda maker machine. But, I like this machine for its simple design. It is an old model but it is easy to use. In this sodastream jet review I try my best to presents you the best points of this machine. Hope you get enough knowledge about this. If you want there is so many customer review in Amazon. You can check those and choose your favourite sodastream.

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